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Aaron Kwok World Tour 2010 ENCORE

Picture taken at Madame Tussauds Hong Kong last year.
I would have done the same (or even more) if I managed to get up close and personal with him last night.
Like real.

So, Aaron Kwok’s concert last night was worth every penny.

We set off at 5:30pm so we can beat the traffic and have a good better before the concert.

We were wrong!!

Traffic was bad and the crowd at Kallang Plaza was ridiculous. Everywhere was packed, no seats at the food court and all tables at restaurants were reserved.

Only managed to grab some light snack.

The concert is about to begin.

Guess what?
There was a lucky draw!!
The prize?

A car!!

It was so close. The lucky winner is from the East Entrance, same as us!!
So exciting.
Block 13, our’s 12, row 11, our’s 10 and seat 7, our’s also 7!!

One lucky woman!!

The rotating stage is amazing and well impressive!!

The lighting and atmosphere.
Pure high-ness.

Look, that’s Aaron!!
He is so fit can?

Many sets of clothes and he is one funny dude.
Speaking mostly in Cantonese.


His costumes were all bling-ed up.
Even his boots were sparkling.

So, he went round shaking hands with his fans.
I tried my luck too but didn’t even get close. It was packed!!

There was fire.

There was water.
He got everyone sitting in the front few rows wet.

It was an amazing performance.
His voice, his stamina and acrobats.

Thank you sis, for the tickets.

4 thoughts on “Aaron Kwok World Tour 2010 ENCORE

  1. Was that Chanel rouge allure genial that you’re wearing in your photo? It brightens up your complexion instantly!

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