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MAC Tartan Tale: Lip, Eye & Nail Kits

MAC Tartan Tale: Lip, Eye & Nail Kits

A wicked tale, a Celtic conundrum! Which to choose? With a kiss from a rose, holiday kits come hither! Bawdy beauties and sexy swains swagger with safety-pin snarls and curtsy coquettishness – it takes all kinds!

MAC Cosmetics

The final part of MAC Tartan Tale Holiday Collection is out last week and I picked up all three sets of pigments. I think they are great value sets not to be missed especially if you are into loose shadows and/or pigments. Some of the pigments are permanent, some are repromotes and some are new to this collection.


Trendy, thrilling, and oh, that sparkle! This warm-hearted mini-sized combo set consists of Most Darling, Gift o’ Glamour, Gold Mode and Gilded Green Pigments and Reflects Bronze Glitter.

MAC Cosmetics

First off, we have the 5 Warm Thrillseekers Pigment/Glitter Set. This set includes: Most Darling (new & limited) – a medium brown shimmer Gift O’Glamour (new & limited) – a pale metallic pink, Reflects Bronze Glitter (permanent) – a peachy orange glitter sparkle, Gold Mode (repromote) – a peachy gold shimmer and Gilded Green (repromote) – a mint ice cream.

I am loving Most Darling, Reflects Bronze Glitter and Gilded Green. There are so pretty. All the pigments are smooth and the glitter glides on effortlessly with no chunky bits.


Like frost upon skin, this icy selection glimmers! For Pigment, there’s Cheers My Dear!, Silver Fog, Softwash Grey and Mauvement, for Glitter, Reflects Pearl.

MAC Cosmetics

Next, we have the 5 Cool Thrillseekers Pigment/Glitter Set and this set consists of: Cheers My Dear! (new & limited) – a pale violet, Mauvement (repromote) – a taupe glitter, Reflects Pearl Glitter (permanent) – a silver glitter with pink pearl sparkle, Silver Fog (PRO) – a light silver and Softwash Grey (repromote) – a light purple.

 This is only set I hesitated purchasing for a while because most of the shades are rather frosty and icy which I may have problems pulling off. But, having said that, I am willing to give them a try =) Mauvement is the only shade I have in this set and because it is such a pretty colour, I don’t mind having more of it in my stash.


Everything you need for that dark-side finish. The Pigments: Jigs & Jive, Naked, Blue Brown and Dark Soul light up with the flash of Reflects Blackened Red Glitter.

MAC Cosmetics

And lastly, we have the 5 Smokey Thrillseekers Pigment/Glitter Set. This set includes: Naked (permanent) – a fleshtone shimmer, Jigs & Jive (permanent) – a naked taupe, Reflects Blackened Red Glitter (permanent) – a cranberry glitter, Blue Brown (permanent) – a brown with turquoise glitter and Dark Soul (permanent) – a shimmer carbon.

This is probably my favourite set amongst the three. The cranberry glitter jumped out of the box and caught my attention straight away. Although this is the only set with all permanent shades, I don’t have any of the shades except Blue Brown so I must buy it.


Overall, I am very happy with the quality of the pigments and glitters. I am particularly loving the size of these pigments, they are in smaller vials which I feel, are easier to manage. And, the quantity is lesser, it is some how more possible to finish them (not likely but possible). It feels good to know I can finish something because I hardly ever due to the variety of choices (products/shades etc.) we all have, don’t you feel so too?

If I may, I would recommend the 5 Smokey Thrillseekers Pigment/Glitter Set for all who dares to go dark and sultry this season. The colours are suitable for most skin tones and the combination allows you to adjust how deep you want to go. For example, Naked + Jigs & Jive + Glitter or Jigs & Jive + Blue Brown + Dark Soul.

If you are looking for something on the safe side, colours you can wear on a daily basis but with a punch, go for the 5 Warm Thrillseekers Pigment/Glitter Set. It has everything you need for a pair of daily, natural looking eyes. Simply add bronze glitter to either the inner corners of your eyes or line your eyes with this colour to make them pop.

Do you think you pick up any of these sets? Or you already have?

Thank you for reading.

All swatches taken under natural lighting, out the window and all swatched wet.

8 thoughts on “MAC Tartan Tale: Lip, Eye & Nail Kits

  1. How much is the pigments set… Im eyeing the smokey one too just because i’ve been wanting the naked pigment… Great haul!!!

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