The Journal

Festive Hotel, Singapore

Exuberant yet relaxing, Festive Hotel is ideal for vacationers seeking a welcoming and relaxing island stay. So, here we go.

Tab key card.

The Festive Hotel experience begins at the guest floor corridors, where giant orchid motifs on the carpet lead you to the fun and colourful chambers waiting behind the doors.

Let me take you on a private tour.
Come with me.

It’s a very smart and innovative way to partition the kid’s area.
Still maintaining the spaciousness quality of the room.

A closer look at the decoration and ambient around the master suite.
It’s real cosy with a touch of chic-ness.

Sofa and dressing area with stairs up the bunk bed.

Spacious, comfy and cushioned.

Couldn’t help but went up for some camwhoring session.

I have height issues.
Coming down was a little challenging.

The balcony is real big.
But at this point of time, no views except constructions.

The swimming pool ain’t ready yet.

This is the view we got from level 4.

The bathroom.
There is NO bath tub.

Well stocked.

Everything you need for the night.
And there is TWG tea.

He was busy working earlier this afternoon when I was happily snapping photos area the room.

It is real nice to be staying in a new hotel.
Everything is pretty much new and clean. Although there are flaws during our stay, we were glad we chose this suite for the night.

Totally no huge fuss over them as we understand that new management, new staff and new attraction are bound to have some hiccups.

That’s that.
Hope this helped while you are selecting your stay at Resorts World, Singapore.

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