The Journal

Home Sweet Home

Weather in Singapore last week, was horrible. Bad haze throughout the week and heavy rain over the weekend. Am glad the rain washed most of the haze away. This week is clear and sunny again.

Have been rather busy whole of last week and it was really nice to come home after work (at 11pm) to a simple home cooked dinner prepared by my sister. She left it on my dinning table, all wrapped up, all I had to do was microwaved it.

Other than the lovely dinner she made, she also bought a bottle of Manuka Honey for me. It’s known for its healing properties, good for skin and digestions. Apparently, people also use it to treat pimples. Wonder if I can use it as a mask but of course, that would be extremely wasteful.

How have everyone been? Have anyone started Christmas shopping? I have picked up bits and pieces from all over and have started wrapping them just in case I do not have time.

It’s mid-week now, so have a wonderful rest of the week and it’s Halloween this weekend. Going anywhere to celebrate? My girlfriends and I are still planning the theme. We may just end up theme-less, like every year!!

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