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Blogshop Shopping: Tracyeinny

Do you shop online?

I never did until it became so popular in recent years. I shop online for clothes, makeup and occasionally – shoes and bags. In this mini series of “Blogshop Shopping”, I aim to introduce some online stores in Singapore which have won my heart over.

Introducing Tracyeinny.

Tracyeinny is one of Singapore’s leading online fashion retailer with a weekly collection launch of about 30-40 unique designs. Since 2008, Tracyeinny has brand itself as a style savvy ping site offering the latest runway trends with fuss-free shopping experience and swift delivery service.

I can’t remember how I found out about Tracyeinny but I have shopped from them several times, online and at their flagship store located at 3 Pickering Street #01-15 Nankin Row Singapore 048660.

 They carry a wide range of clothings, self-manufactured as well as imported ones. There is surely something for everyone from their store. I love their blazers but they are slightly pricey – at about S$40 per piece.

Quality wise, it varies from designs and individual pieces. To ensure you get what you want, I suggest popping by their store. There are fitting rooms too, can try before buying. I realise that the sizes they carry caters more for UK8-10, dresses are generally longer in terms of length.

Customer service is brilliant, fast and clear response always.

All clothings are packed into Tracyeinny’s zip lock bags neatly. Shipping takes a little longer than average (about 4-5 days if I remember correctly). If you do not wish to wait, perhaps you can arrange a pick-up from their store.

Please note that all above comments are based on my personal experience with them. If you have encountered a different scenario, feel free to share them. I have also wrote a summary on Shopping Online For Cosmetics which also includes links to various other individual shopping posts and Clothings From ASOS.

Thank you for reading, hope this post has been useful.

2 thoughts on “Blogshop Shopping: Tracyeinny

  1. I got stuff from them too. Their service is immaculate and the quality of their products is marvelous too.

    Good stuff indeed!

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