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L’Erbolario Iris

It is Iris, the Greek goddess and splendid messenger of the gods, who connected the earth to the sky in the form of a rainbow, who gives her gentle name to this flower.

Remembering this, since time immemorial, the language of flowers has attributed to the Iris the task of favouring and conciliating the subtlest new ideas.

In the L’Erbolario garden as well, this airy flower has proved to be a small source of joy, since it has lent the precious notes of its fragrance to this sensual range of bath products, ensuring that it is possible to discover at any time of the year that “colour and fragrance of the sky” hidden amongst the multicoloured Irises in Spring.


From my last post about their products over a year ago, I have made several other small purchases from them. I must say, I am totally obsessed with their Iris range – I love the scent, by far the most appealing Iris scent I have ever came across.

The Perfumed Woods Fragrance (above) is gentle and delicate, fresh and relaxing – the fragrance of “blue-sky” Iris filled my room and lingers for approximately 4 months. I have missed the smell so much for the past months without it. I went back for another dose – now my room smells absolutely heavenly, delicate and powdery – LOVE.

While I was at L’Erbolario yesterday, I also picked up the Perfumed Sachets for my wardrobe. To complete my Iris obsession, the Bath Foam and Body Cream came home with me too.

Funny thing is, when first I applied the Body Cream, the scent didn’t appeal to me – it was after about 5-10 minutes, when the scent settles that I am totally attracted to it. It’s soft, airy and powdery – my kind of taste, nothing over powering. I have not started using both the body products yet tho, not sure if it will stay on all day but if it does, I will probably skip wearing a perfume or maybe I can layer something light to compliment.

Apart from these, I also bought a few other body products which I shall talk about more as we go along. Have you tried their products before?

If you are someone who loves powdery scents, I would totally recommend checking out their Iris and Rose ranges. Their new 3 Rosa range is very nice too – more modern as compared to their classic Rose.

If you are after a good mix of floral and woody scent which is perfect for both men and women, check out their Liquid Ambar Bath Gel with Vitamin E Micro-Spheres – both Mak and I adore this shower gel a lot, we bought 2 bottles and apparently, stock is always low on this particular shower gel.

You can find L’Erbolario at N0.: 3 Pickering Street, #01-10 Nankin Row, China Square Central, 048660 Singapore (Tel: 64381785) and I think they have recently opened a store at Millenia Walk.

Thank you for reading, TGIF.

6 thoughts on “L’Erbolario Iris

  1. Theyre very awesome ! ive been using them for 3 years already in Msia , but i find its more well situated here in kl and also well received . Been looking for it in sg someone told me its thr but i jst couldnt find the shop . thanks for covering their shops , finally have got an address ! thanks joey !

  2. i used to be in love w dolcelisir n tiare , but now im leaning twds viola . i think their fragrance is amazing compared to other brands . i hope the sg shops have their full range tho .

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