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Make Up For Ever Sculpting Kit In Shade 2

MUFE Sculpting Kit (1)

Make Up For Ever Sculpting Kit in Shade 2 was featured as one of my favourite products in June. In fact, it has been one of my favourite contouring product since a few months ago.

“The Sculpting Kit is a set of two compact powders suited to reshape and alter the size of the face using a light and shadow contrast.

Using the dark shade in hollow areas reduces the size of the face, while the light shade can be applied to prominent features, helping to emphasize them.”


Available in 4 combinations, each Sculpting Kit retails at S$60 for 2 x 5.5g of product, made in France.

MUFE Sculpting Kit (2) MUFE Sculpting Kit (3)

It comes in an ultra slim black lacquer compact with mirror which I find helpful for touching up on-the-go because it’s quite a big one. The slim compact also proves to be very portable and handy, fits into any makeup pouches, easy to travel with and saves space.

Inside, you will find two pans of contouring and highlighting shades. The pans are similar in size to any typical pressed powder – brilliant for face powder brushes (as in the pan is big enough for). All I need to do is swirl my brush into the pans to pick up the colours – I don’t have to specifically use a smaller brush which is very convenient.

MUFE Sculpting Kit (4) MUFE Sculpting Kit (5)

For my skin tone, I am matched to Shade 2 which is perfect, very natural contouring shades for me. If I want more drama and definition, I am guessing I may be able to pull of Shade 3.

The shades are pigmented but not overly pigmented, I didn’t have to worry about applying too much but I practice caution during application. I always layer as adding is always better than trying to remove any excess.

MUFE Sculpting Kit (6) MUFE Sculpting Kit (7)

Texture of these powder is fine and lightweight. They do not offer much (if any at all) coverage. Imagine translucent pressed powder – they are almost equivalent.

As they are designed as contouring and highlighting purposes, they also don’t offer much oil control properties.

Having said all of the above, I tried using the lighter shade to set my foundation – doesn’t work at all. It’s way to powdery (looks dry) on my dry. Not an advisable move, not meant to anyway, just testing out of curiosity. And the powder also doesn’t work well for touch-ups – I better stick to what it’s for huh?

I mainly apply the darker shade onto the hollows of my cheeks, temples and jaw line to define the shape of my face plus “slim” it down a little. Both shades are not shimmery, they are matte which is perfect for what it’s suppose to do.

I like to apply the lighter shade on sides of my nose, bridge of my nose and chin — any places I want to enhance without using a shimmery highlighter (if you know what I mean).

Overall, a product worth investing if you are the type of person who contours and travels.

Thank you for looking.

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