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5 Mins Of Fame With Kevin 老師

During the last day of my recent Taiwan trip, we went shopping at Shin-Kong Mitsukoshi Departmental Store,  新光三越.

We were at the beauty hall.
Walking around, trying and buying makeup.
And we walked pass Lancome’s counter.

It’s Kelvin老師 from 女人我最大 ‘s TV programme.
He was promoting Lancome‘s Virtuose Black Carat Mascara.

I am a fan of Lancome’s mascara.
So, this surely got me to stop, stay and watch.

Initially, he was doing a demo on a Taiwanese girl.
Then he went on and on about the goodness of this “magic” mascara.
At this point, I guess I have unintentionally
displayed a “really meh?”, “got so power meh?” kinda face.

The next thing I noticed, Kelvin looked at me and pointed his finger at me.

“This lady here, you don’t believe me?”
“Are you wearing any mascara?”

“Yes, I am.” I replied very softly, feeling very paiseh already.

He told me to come forward and started a demo on my lashes.

He is so gentle while applying mascara can?

I quickly told Nicole to snap some pictures as memories.
Oh, and he have chest hair can?

I am all excited just blogging about this as I just got this set of photos from Nicole during dinner today.

Anyway, I was real happy with the results.

So, did I buy the mascara?
No, not in Taiwan as we were rushing for dinner.
I bought it after I got back.

Check out what I bought here >

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