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Spice Curls For May

Spice up my shower this month with LUSH‘s Spice Curls Soap.

Spice Curls’ colour comes from spices which are ground to just the right size to give our skin a scrub while we wash. I am not entirely sure which countries carry this soap. As for all LUSH’s products, different country have a slightly different range. I picked this up in New Zealand.

This soap feels totally new. New as in, the texture. I have never felt a soap like this before. Most soaps in the market are smooth and this is definitely not one of those. My first thoughts of Spice Curls – it looks like a piece of red brick. Honestly. It feels like one. The texture is pretty rouge, I had to use it gently.

After a feel washes, my body and skin kinda got used to it and it feels pretty good. It lasts a lot longer then the porridge soap (well, many soap does because porridge soap runs out so fast).

On another note, this soap stains.
I transferred it from my ma ma duck to a soap dish.

So, make sure you have a dark coloured soap dish for it unless you don’t mind the staining. The colour is quite strong too, you may also need to rinse your shower after using it.

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