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Introducing Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush

This Fall, Shiseido will also introduce a new foundation brush – the Perfect Foundation Brush which can be used for all formulas be it cream, powder and/or liquid. It is available at all Shiseido counters and it retails at S$40.

If you have 10 minutes to spare, continue reading about the story behind this brush. It’s pretty interesting to find out why and how Shiseido makes them. Writings below extracted from Shiseido’s handbook on The New Keys to Your Perfect Skin – I found it interesting and I would like to share them with you.


People often wonder why their makeup turns out so differently from the work of professional makeup artists, even when they use the same foundation. Shiseido receives questions about this from customers regularly.

So, Shiseido launched a research project in 2008 to study the creation of beautiful skin using foundation. The research was conducted at Shiseido’s Beauty Method Development Division, where research scientists, makeup artists and hair stylists are constantly engaged in studying every conceivable aspect of beauty, pursuing new understanding and developing new techniques.

For this project, we compared makeup applied by an ordinary user against application by a professional, using the most advanced digital microscopes, for precision analysis of the skin surface. The result was a vast difference in the way the foundation adhered to the skin.

This difference in the way the foundation adheres to the skin makes a big difference in the way the skin looks without a microscope too. The research went on to show that perfect concealment of flaws paired with a natural, translucent finish is the result of this difference.

Until now, it has been next to impossible for an ordinary user to achieve these kinds of results. The complicated professional application techniques that combine light patting actions with gentle stroking motions are too difficult to master.

In an exhaustive analysis of every conceivable makeup tool, including sponges, flat brushes and powder brushes, Shiseido finally arrived at the design for their unique new brush – the Perfect Foundation Brush – with its distinct configuration and tip. The precision design controls the amount of pressure against the skin, regardless of who is using it. This means the foundation is applied evenly and uniformly every time.

Essentially, this is the global, contemporary evolution of the time-honored Japanese culture of the brush.


Kumano-cho is a small town in Hiroshima Prefecture, in the midwestern part of Japan. It is a town steeped in tradition and brushes have been manufactured here for 170 years. Even now, the town produces about 80% of all the brushes manufactured in Japan and the legendary quality of these brushes is known worldwide.

To develop the ideal brush for foundation, Shiseido formed a partnership with Kumano-cho. Inspired by Shiseido’s ideas, the designers and craftspeople of this excellent workshop created the Perfect Foundation Brush.

The ideal balance of supple and firm

Blending the contradictory characteristics of suppleness and firmness was the most difficult challenge Shiseido faces while developing the brush. When they used only straight bristles, the bristles would bend when held against the skin, making it impossible to apply foundation evenly. After much trial and error, Shiseido found that mixing in some wavy bristles added firmness to the brush. The team worked with the craftsmen who specialized in bristles, experimenting with dozens of different types in dozens of combinations before they arrives at the ideal brush tip.

Creating a brush that is comfortable against the skin

The Perfect Foundation Brush is unique not just in the way it’s made but also in the way it’s meant to be used. The bristles are arranged to form a slanted, flat edge for more effective application of foundation on the skin. The line is not created by cutting the bristles into form. A craftsman inserts each bristle individually by hand into a wooden mold that is hand-carved into the slanted shape Shiseido identified as ideal for application. This painstaking manufacturing method is the secret to the pleasant sensation this brush imparts with each touch.

In the final manufacturing step, every single brush is checked by a craftsman whose sensitive fingertips detect whether the evenness, density and length of the bristles meet the standards set for this extraordinary brush.

Combining the time-honored techniques of venerable Japanese brushmakers with the ideas Shiseido has developed over more than a century of beauty research, the Perfect Foundation Brush is like no other. It represents centuries of commitment to quality, as well as a future of beauty that begins this Fall, when the brush is introduced globally.


I hope this little article extracted from Shiseido’s handbook on The New Keys to Your Perfect Skin helped you understand more about the Perfect Foundation Brush. I tried the brush during a makeup lesson and I am very impressed with the softness of the brush, new application method I learned and the flawless result this brush can achieve on my skin. I am hoping to review this brush soon.

Thank you for reading.

8 thoughts on “Introducing Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush

  1. Hi, could you do a tutorial on how to use this brush to apply liquid foundation? Also, how is this different from the stippling brush? Thank you.

  2. Hi Joey. Do you really think it’s worth getting? I prefer liquid foundation and have been thinking about this brush for some time now. It’s just that I am more used to foundation brushes that are shaped like the standard paint brush. I’m not sure how this flat-top brush can be better for application. Any advice? Much appreciated! Cheers! 🙂

    • Hi Milktea,
      I am so sorry for the late reply.
      I am still exploring this brush so I can’t really provide any solid suggestions..
      The method of using this brush is very different, perhaps you can refer to this review at the time being?
      Thank you for your patience =)

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