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We Hatched!

The other day, Mak brought me to Hatched for brunch. Hatched is located at Evans Road and there is an open car park just beside the building – pretty convenient. They serve egg-inspired breakfast all day and I must say, the dishes may look simple but they are very delicious. Check out their website, its innovative, fun and very graphical.

I had El Chorizo and Mak had Philly. Their home-made mashed potatoes tastes awesome – love.

Before we left, we also picked up a copy of Let’s be a fashionista! Nippon Style!Nth’ magazine. It’s a new publication I believe and it’s free, pick one up if you spot it else where, it’s quite interesting.

Hatched is relatively small restaurant situated in an old building. It’s cosy but the interior isn’t fascinating – looks plain. But the food is pretty impressive and filling. I reckon it’s a nice place to hang around for brunch with friends.

Have you been to Hatched before?

The weather have been ridiculously hot recently with heavy rain either in the morning or midnight and I am not coping well with the heat. I feel dehydrated most of the time – seems like a great idea to keep a bottle of water handy ey?

Thank you for reading.

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