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Introducing The MAQuillAGE True Series For Spring 2012

Makeup that enhances your True beauty; realized by MAQuillAGE, the new collection for Spring/Summer 2012 debuts with the True Rouge and Styling Eyes.

True glamour, true rouge

For plump, lustrous and feminine lips, the ultimate True Rouge makes you forget you are even wearing makeup.

True Rouge features;-

1. Gloss like shine & True lasting power
Beautiful colour, strong luster, lasting wear and smooth application is made possible with Shiseido’s original, patent-pending Essential Coating Formulation. True Rouge melts at body temperature, once in contact with lips and coats lips in two layers – gloss and colour.

Gloss layer: The highly lustrous and transparent Gloss Coating Oil has the same level of shine as a liquid lip gloss. It coats lips and prevents transfer, improving shine and colour definition.

Colour layer: The semi-solid Adhesion Memory Oil glides on lips smoothly and solidifies on the surface, adhering to lips and gives strong colour definition and lasting wear.

Two layers repel upon application for dramatically increased colour definition, beautiful luster and long-wear without transfer.

2. True beautiful colour
Regardless of skin tone, lips are brightened up with makeup and skincare effects.

Makeup effect: Lips are given intense colour definition with Trans Color that produces clear colour without being influenced by your natural lip tone. Over dull areas, Natural Blush Pearl produces a red colour over to reduce ruddiness. Finish is plump and smooth as Glow Coating Pearl glides over rough and uneven lip textures while Vertical Line Correction Pearl covers vertical lip lines and makes them invisible.

Skincare effect: Your original lip tone is brightened and micro-circulation is promoted for a natural, rosy colour with continued use of True Rouge.

3. Rich moisture
Just like an essence injection treatment, True Rouge gives and holds moisture within lips and coats them to keep them hydrated for long.

Within lips: Lips are infused with deep hydration with Moisture Holding Essence, a complex including Super Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen and other humectants to provide and retain moisture.

Outside lips: Moisture is kept wrapped in lips as Moisture Retaining Oil creates a veil on the lip surface oil and water are not allowed to separate to trap moisture in lips which would otherwise evaporate.


True Rouge comes in 12 flattering shades, from elegant to natural. Each retails at S$49 for 4g of product, made in Japan.

Style your eyes your own way

Customize your eyes and create styles you desire. One eyeshadow palette allows you to style your eyes freely.

Styling Eyes features;-

1. Super stay colour
Vivid staying colour formulated with pearl pigments blend naturally with skin tone and brighten up dullness.

Blends naturally: Highly transparent and pearlescent Natural Blending Pearl blends naturally with skin tone by emitting a light, yellowish light over dullness.

Conceals dullness: Powders illuminate skin from all directions as Glow-All Over Powder delivers light into deep layers of skin and draw it out while any roughness is corrected by Unevenness Correction Powder.

2. Easy to use styling top
Play freely with Styling Liner and Styling Pearl Highlight to style eyes in different ways.

Defined eyeliner: Deep, lacquer like luster enhances the iris and makes eyes look larger. Easy to use styling tip can glide on at different angles to achieve different effects.

Gem like highlighter: Highly transparent Jeweled Pearl Powder fits evenly on skin to collect and reflect light over applied areas, producing a gem-like brilliance.

3. Fresh and lasting eyeshadow
Powders spread smoothly and adhere perfectly to skin and remain smudge free.

Stronger adherence: Each particle is coated with a highly transparent silicon gel so Gel Powder Formulation adheres strongly to eyelids and spread smoothly and easily.

Smudge and stickiness free: Powders absorb excess oil for a smooth texture that spreads easily over unevenness and reduces smudging.


Limited Edition Styling Eyes comes in 4 variations, from neutrals to pink and green. Each retails at S$69 for 3.5g of product, made in Japan.

Information and images extracted from press release provided by MAQuillAGE and MAQuillAGE website

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