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Kevyn Aucoin Beauty From Barneys New York

Many thanks to Sophia for letting me know Barneys New York is having complimentary international shipping last month. Barneys carries Chantecaille, Claudio Riaz, Koh Gen Do, Serge Lutens and Sunday Riley to name a few – brands which are currently not available locally and may take some time before appearing.

They also carry Giorgio Armani, By Terry, Hourglass, Deborah Lippman, NARS and YSL.

Paying and checking out on their website is a breeze. Shipping was really quick too – by DHL, what a treat. All my items came in a carton box neatly sealed, the products were in their own boxes, in bubble wraps – nothing damaged.

I took my time to browse through almost every brand I am interested in and decided to take the plunge and purchased several Kevyn Aucoin products – mainly their base products as I have heard so many great things about them. Countless makeup artists and YouTube gurus swear by their base products, I must really try them myself.

And so I bought The Gossamer Loose Powder in Diaphanous.

The Sensual Skin Enhancer in three shades;

  • SX 03 a neutral shade with slight beige undertones
  • SX 05 a neutral shade with beige undertones
  • SX 07 a best-selling shade with neutral yellow undertones

The Liquid Airbrush Foundation in two shades;

  • LQ 05 a light shade
  • LQ 07 a second lightest shade

I couldn’t decide which is my exact shade even after searching online for swatches etc. thus I ended up with these variations. I figured since I don’t know which is my shade, why not pick a few so I can mix and match to customize accordingly? And lastly, I do makeup for people some times (not so much any more) so I guess these will come in handy.

I have played around with them but it’s still too early to determine whether I love them or not, or whether they are suitable for my skin type, Singapore’s weather etc. – but I really like them and am having really high hopes. So, fingers crossed.

Did you pick up anything from Barneys?

Lately, I have been really interested with Kevyn Aucoin products. I have always admired his style and philosophy through his books – Making Faces and Face Forward. Goss Makeup Artist does many videos reviewing his products which are very helpful especially if you are going to purchase his products online (the only way for me).

If you are new and would like to know more about Kevyn Aucoin, click here.

There are no rules when it comes to makeup.

 Kevyn Aucoin

Thank you for reading.

13 thoughts on “Kevyn Aucoin Beauty From Barneys New York

  1. Joey, I know these produts from Goss Make Up Artist. I like watching his videos lately and saw his review on Kevyn Aucoin cream blush. I wonder have u heard anything about it?

  2. Kevyn Aucoin’s bases are great, but I am not sure whether the texture is designed for tropical country; I tried them in UK, great for winter time but when summer comes……

    You can also get Kevyn products from spaceNK, online with international delivery, not free and the selection is not as great as in Barney.

    • Hi David,
      OMG, so nice to have you back!!
      Can’t wait to read your upcoming posts..
      Thank you for the heads up, will try the bases and provide a more detailed review =)

  3. Hi Joey,

    So which KA’s skin enhancer shade is more suitable for you? Im using laura Mercier foundation blush ivory, which shade do you think is more suitable for me? Any advise?

    • Hi Joey,
      For The Sensual Skin Enhancer, I have not tried using it full face – have been using it as a concealer and I mix SX05 and SX07 accordingly (depending on where I want to conceal)..
      As for The Liquid Airbrush Foundation, I use a full pump of LQ07 with 2 drops of LQ05 for my entire face..
      From the look of it, I may be 06 but I am not 100% sure as 07 leans more yellow and 05 is more neutral..
      I am sorry, I won’t be able to help you with your shade as I don’t know their shade range well (if I knew, I would have gotten just 1 shade)..
      So, good luck =)
      Happy weekend..

  4. Any reviews? Which do you like better? The Sensual Skin Enhancer or The Liquid Airbrush? Heard alot about them from gossmakeupartist….but am not sure how well it would work in this tropical heat.

    • Hi Ahwish,
      Ops, no reviews yet but right now, I know I am liking The Sensual Skin Enhancer but it contains mineral oil..
      The ingredient doesn’t bothers me much but I know it can be to some so..
      The Sensual Skin Enhancer can be tricky to work with because of its thick, creamy consistency but a little goes a long, long way =)
      I mix it with some Clinique Moisture Surge or makeup primer sometimes to smoothen it out..
      Hope I helped xx

  5. Hi Joey,
    For the Liquid Airbrush Foundation, is 07 lighter than 05? is 05 more of a pink tone?

    and do you still prefer the sensual skin enhancer over the liquid one?

    Thanks! 🙂

    • Hi Kate,
      LQ 05 is lighter than LQ 07 and I find LQ 07 bears a slight pink undertone compared to the other.
      I like both foundations — Liquid Airbrush Foundation is more user friendly and fuzz free whereas Sensual Skin Enhancer is more versatile, can be used as a concealer as well as foundation but I always mix it with a moisturizer to dilute the pigments so it takes more time.
      Hope I helped =)

  6. Hi, is there any way you could do a swatch of these 3 shades side by side? I’m searching for SX05 & SX07 comparison all over the internet, but could not find anything yet 😦
    I’d like to know my exact shade since I’m purchasing online, and I’m MAC NC20 (light with warm undertones). From what I have read, SX05 would be too ashy on me, and I’m afraid SX07 would be too yellow, so comparison would be soooooo helpful if you have time to do it (or if you could point me to some site where there is a swatch of both shades).
    Thank you soooo much 🙂

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