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Look In Pink Glow

Perhaps the title of this look should have been named Neon Pink instead of Pink Glow – well, I usually name my looks after the eyeshadow palettes/colours or lip colours so..

I don’t think I have done any look that’s this pink before and I would also like to create a look that compliments my bright pink dress. In this set of pictures, I don’t have any nail colour on but if I were to wear one, it would be a deep, dark shade – maybe a matte black. I will probably skip wearing anything bright and definitely not bright pink. Maybe a beige nude would be nice too.

I hope you like this simple and chic look – goes well with a little black dress too.

I kept my face simple with a touch of radiance and I think the set of Diorskin NUDE helped achieve just that. Nothing too dewy or matte but fresh and healthy looking skin is perfect.

A sheer wash of iridescent pink eyeshadows will go well with this look – for this, I have chosen to use the new Dior 3 Couleurs Glow in 851 Pink Glow. Add a touch of elegance with black winged eyeliner.

  • Prep lids with a primer.
  • Apply highlighter shade all over lids and under brow bones.
  • Apply pink eyeshadow all over lids.
  • Use a black eyeliner to line upper lash line, use liner shade from the palette to soften edges.
  • Apply black eyeliner to outer 2/3 of lower lash line and soften edges with liner shade.
  • Apply a shimmery beige/champagne eyeliner along inner 1/3 of lower lash line to brighten up the eyes.
  • Apply mascara and false eyelashes if needed.

I went for a pair of soft, glowy cheeks – nothing too pink. To achieve glowy cheeks, I went for gel blush, cream blush will do the job too. Instead of using a silver/champagne highlighter, I have chosen a warmer, golden highlighter to compliment the bronzer – this will add warmth to the skin without looking overly too pink.

  • After setting foundation with loose powder, use finger to pick up product and gently pat of cheeks.
  • Apply bronzer to sculpt cheek bones and warm up the complexion.
  • Apply golden bronzer to the high point of cheek bones.

Again, it’s important to keep lips well hydrated for bold lips so I applied a layer of lip balm prior to starting my foundation routine.

  • Apply lip balm/essence to moisturize lips.
  • Line and shape lips with lip pencil – I have chosen Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip in 16C, a neon pink shade.
  • Fill lips in with the same lip pencil – if you have a neon pink lipstick, use the lipstick instead.
  • Apply gloss all over lips for that hi-shine finish.

Thank you for looking.

Products Used

Diorsnow UV Shield BB Creme
Diorskin NUDE Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup
Diorskin NUDE Natural Glow Fresh Powder Makeup

Chanel Perfect Brows
Shu Uemura Eyebrow Manicure in Honey Glaze
Diorskin NUDE Skin Perfecting Hydrating Concealer
Benefit Powderflage
Make Up For Ever Eye Prime
Dior 3 Couleurs Glow in 851 Pink Glow
Burberry Eye Definer in 01 Midnight Black
Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof in 47 Rose Platine
Chanel Inimitable Extrême Mascara in 10
Princess Lee False Eyelashes in PX-8

Sonia Rykiel Fresh Gel Blusher in 01
Guerlain Terra Azzurra Bronzing Powder & Blush (Bronzer only)
Clé de Peau BEAUTÉ Luminizing Face Enhancer in 12

Chanel Hydramax + Active Lip Care
Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip in 16C
MAC Pro Longwear Lipglass in Full Speed Ahead

10 thoughts on “Look In Pink Glow

  1. Not your best look. The shade of lipstick is too bright and too blue based for your complexion ( or probably anybody else’s). The rest of the look doesn’t show you off to your best ability as it is too pale and blah. You usually do your eyes in a way that shows them off much better. I don’t mean to be rude. I like it when my friends give me the honest truth of their opinion. How else can I tell if the look is working for me or not if they aren’t being honest? I hope I haven’t offended you. I apologize if I have.

    • Hi Mimi,

      Thank you for commenting and being honest again..
      I value every comment on this blog and it’s always nice to share likes and dislikes..
      But I hope you understand, part of being a beauty blogger is exploring new products, new colours and new styles..
      Occasionally, I venture out of my own comfort zone and push limits..

      So, “Don’t be too serious; It’s only makeup!” – François Nars


      • You’re right Joey. I forget that your job is to try new and different things. You are such a beautiful woman that I love to see you at your most gorgeous, which is almost always! I’ll try to “lighten up.”

        • Hi Mimi,
          No worries, different people have different tastes and style =)
          All I am trying to do is help anyone who wishes to explore colours to “just go for it”..
          End of the day, all we need is a makeup remover xx
          Happy weekend!!

  2. I love this look – the lippy is the “I’m gorgeous” kinda lippy 😛 I’m still lusting for that khaki gold Dior 3 Couleurs …

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