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Yves Saint Laurent La Lacquer COUTURE In 31 Khaki Arty & 32 Rouge Expressioniste

If you don’t already know, YSL Beauté will be opening its makeup boutique at ION Orchard, B2 (opposite Shu Uemura, where KORRES used to be located). I cannot wait for their return and I definitely can’t wait to grab more of these amazing nail polishes and try their new Touche Éclat foundation.

I stumbled upon YSL Fall Makeup Collection 2012 while I was in Taiwan recently. Amongst the crowd, I picked up a few items and two of them are these polishes. Looks like they have revamped their entire library of nail polishes – from packaging to formula. Not sure about the range of shades tho.

Their older version of nail polishes contain 10ml of product, so are the new ones.

The newer version comes in shorter and wider packaging with a brushed metal cap which matches their range of Glossy Stains – sleek and chic, easier to maintain. Their old version of caps are a pain to upkeep – they tarnishes.

Their new brush applicator is shorter and much wider as compared to the previous. Absolutely amazing – I wish all polishes come with this brush applicator, it’s so easy to apply. Width of the brush applicator fans out nicely to fit my little finger and the length of it allows more control, making application a breeze.

Yves Saint Laurent La Lacquer COUTURE in 31 Khaki Arty is a dirty, murky army green with a cream finish.

I did not spot any form of shimmers both in the bottle and on my nails.

To my surprise, I actually own quite a few shades from this colour family – dirty, murky and muddy tones. Below, I have a few comparisons to give you a rough idea of how Khaki Arty looks like.

  • ESSIE Power Clutch – This shade on its own, looks like a deep grey with a tinge of khaki but when swatch amongst the true khakis, it just looks grey.
  • RBL No More War – More yellow and less brown, lighter and brighter.
  • MAC Dry Martini – A deeper version of Khaki Arty I suppose and more brown.
  • YSL Khaki Arty
  • Chanel Khaki Brun – This shade is the closest to Khaki Arty, in fact, at a glance, I couldn’t spot the differences – it’s lighter and has a tad more olive/brown.
  • Chanel Khaki Vert – A lot more green.
  • OPI You Don’t Know Jacques – A lot more purple.

Yves Saint Laurent La Lacquer COUTURE in 32 Rouge Expressioniste is a deep, mature red close to rosewood brown. This red is sophisticated and timeless. I wore it in this look.

Overall, very impressed. There is nothing I dislike about these polishes, from packaging to quality.

If you missed out Chanel Khaki Brun, Khaki Arty could be a great alternative and if you are a red nail polish fan, you got to have Rouge Expressioniste.

Thank you for looking.

12 thoughts on “Yves Saint Laurent La Lacquer COUTURE In 31 Khaki Arty & 32 Rouge Expressioniste

  1. The red is a real winner. Your nails are so gorgeous, you are lucky to have such great nails. I know you take good care of them but some of us have short nail beds and can never have such beautiful nails. Oh well, such is life. I don’t care for the khaki color but I’m an middle aged critter so maybe just “out of it”.

  2. I usually choose bright or pastel polishes but khaki arty makes me want to try more earthy shades. Such a stunning colour! I also love the look of the OPI You Don’t Know Jacques. 🙂
    Ra ♥

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