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Introducing Especially ESCADA Delicate Notes


ESPECIALLY ESCADA Delicate Notes is a wonderfully light-hearted, fresh and delicate interpretation of the original rose based fragrance from the House of Escada. An elegant yet subtle scent inspired by the younger spirit of the ESPECIALLY ESCADA woman who yearns for a luxuriously fresh perfume which lifts her up to cloud nine.

Her spirit, like her fragrance, is a blend of sophistication and light-hearted escapism.

I love fresh fragrances. I also love the light-hearted touch of luxury ESPECIALLY ESCADA Delicate Notes brings because it’s all about escaping reality, letting your feelings run wild and inspires me to do playful and fun things I haven’t done before.

Bar Refaeli


ESPECIALLY ESCADA Delicate Notes is similarly built around a rose heart but focuses on the soft and sensual nature of the flower. The result is a more natural eau de toilette that expresses soft femininity with the inclusion of the dewy rose and ylang ylang in the top note. With its irresistible and sparkling notes, the new ESPECIALLY ESCADA Delicate Notes epitomizes her spontaneous light-hearted spirit.

The fragrance opens with the freshness of dewy rose and light touches of pear which gracefully reveal the feminine heart of rose petals and ylang ylang. Like a silk scarf blowing in the wind, together they both delicately clothe and reveal the exotic, musky Ambrette seeds.

The rose’s more delicate, petal-like character steps-forward in this reworked version of the fragrance, in harmony with the translucent, dewy character of the pear and soft musky notes. The result is graceful and sheer; the equivalent of a flowing summer dress.

Will Andrews


The ESPECIALLY ESCADA Delicate Notes presentation is luxurious and elegant with a frosted, square glass flacon housing a pale pink fragrance juice which is sealed within using the iconic double E logo lid in a golden finish. Like the fragrance, the flacon is a delicate balance between modernity and classicism while also being light-hearted and elegant.

The outer box features the same ‘double E’ Escada logo but in white on the iconic pink background lending a softer, lighter and luxurious look.


Globally renowned supermodel, Bar Refaeli, who has successfully represented ESPECIALLY ESCADA around the globe, remains the face of ESPECIALLY ESCADA Delicate Notes. Bar Refaeli strikes the perfect balance between elegance, spontaneity and a certain light-hearted playfulness.

Always full of joie de vivre and high-energy Bar Refaeli exudes glamour making her the natural choice to represent the Escada brand and continue working for Especially Escada with the launch of the new ESPECIALLY ESCADA Delicate Notes.

The new ESPECIALLY ESCADA EDT is delicate, sophisticated and very feminine – it really is like my second skin.

Bar Rafaeli


Shot by renowned photographer, Mark Seliger, who produced the original stunning ESPECIALLY ESCADA print campaign visuals, has this time captured our Escada heroine, Bar Refaeli in the same playful manner but fresher and more delicate at the same time.

The advertising concept is based around the idea of expressing light-hearted moments of luxury and seeing our Escada heroine’s playfulness captures the essence of the Especially Escada way of living! The setting is an enchanting garden with a huge pink rose topiary shaped like the Escada ‘double E’ logo.

Dressed in a delicate, light pink couture Escada dress, Refaeli is playfully perched on a gold Escada ‘double E’ logo stool.

The setting was so unusual but we just had a lot of fun with it and the camera loves Bar’s natural playfulness. There’s something really joyful and optimistic about the fragrance but we wanted to make sure for Delicate Notes it had a lighter, fresher look.

Mark Seliger


This new ESPECIALLY ESCADA Delicate Notes Eau de Toilette launches globally from September 2012 and will be a permanent addition to the highly successful portfolio.

  • ESPECIALLY ESCADA Delicate Notes EDT – S$73, 30ml
  • ESPECIALLY ESCADA Delicate Notes EDT – S$102, 50ml
  • ESPECIALLY ESCADA Delicate Notes EDT – S$127, 75ml

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