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Introducing Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro

Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro - 1


Intense, seductive, illuminating color. Giorgio Armani introduces Lip Maestro: the next generation of lip color.

The first truly luminous matte lip color, Lip Maestro is more radiant than a matte lipstick, more sophisticated than a gloss. The classic formulas have been reinvented for a flawless matte finish that is never dry. A glow that amplifies color, without masking it.

A luxurious, velvet texture that glides onto lips for 4-dimensional volume.

Lip Maestro bathes lips in long lasting, enviably chic color. Lips appear instantly plumped and radiant, incredibly smooth and wrapped in comfort.

Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro - 2


An all-new formula for unforgettable lips. Lip Maestro has all the color and sophistication women desire in a matte finish combined with the luminous intensity of a lip lacquer. A fusion created exclusively by Giorgio Armani Cosmetics and made possible by a transparent “velvet” gel which diffuses light while providing a luxurious, matte finish for both depth and volume.

Lips are not only illuminated, they are drenched in color, making Lip Maestro the biggest color innovation since Rouge d’Armani.

Extremely light, the velvet gel rolls onto lips for a no make-up feel. The sensual, non-sticky texture offers hours of hydration and comfort. With its sleek design and soft applicator, Lip Maestro can be applied at anytime for lips that are always perfectly finished.

Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro - 5


For a truly saturated lip color that shines from within, Giorgio Armani Cosmetics has created a revolutionary, color backlighting technology. Light interacts with pigments and is then bounced back, intensifying color. Your lips appear backlit, fuller and irresistible.

Matte lip color is intense but can be dull. The matte effect is classically achieved with fillers which create an irregular opaque surface texture which can absorb a part of the light and diffuse unevenly the rest. The finish is a saturated matte color which can sometimes result in a dull dry look on the lips.

Luminous lip color is shiny but can look washed out. The luminous effect is achieved through an extremely even surface. Light rays bounce off the mirror-like surface creating high shine, but also white reflections, obscuring the purity of the color (much like sun on the ocean).

Today, Giorgio Armani Cosmetics introduces a new era in lip color with an innovative new base ingredient for a dual-action effect. One third of the formula is composed of a “velvet glowing sphere” network.


Light bounces off the translucent spheres and is spread throughout the texture, fusing with the pigments.

The network of soft-focus velvet glowing spheres vehicles light within the formula. The flow of light is reversed to backlight pigments. The result: an amplified matte effect and luminous color.

Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro - 4

Instead of a rigid, interconnected polymer chain, the formula is composed of a network of bouncy, soft and supple spheres that roll and morph with every lip movement, creating an unprecedented soft and fluid sensation.


Lip Maestro offers women softer more moisturized matte and luminous lips, with proven wear and comfort.

Long lasting color
Protocol: instrumental test performed in France on 25 Caucasian women.
Result: The formula’s color effect on lips lasted up to 8 hours after application.

Protocol: Instrumental test performed on 25 Caucasian women.
Result: The product has a significant effect on degree of moisturization, +16% approximately 4 hours after application.

Consumer tests
Protocol: Two-week consumer use test performed on 67 women aged 30 to 50 years old.


The product is comfortable on lips upon application for 91% of women
The texture of the product is soft for 89.6% of women
The product makes-up the lips in softness: 94% of women
The texture of the product is not sticky: 85.1% of women
The product is light on the lips, you don’t feel it: 80.69% of women

Luminous matte
This product delivers a matte effect: 98.5% of women
This product creates a matte finish while very luminous: 83.6% of women

The product has good wear: 83.6% of women
The product doesn’t stain: 94% of women
The product doesn’t smudge: 80.6% of women

Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro - 6


“With Lip Maestro, we wanted to create pure, vibrant colors that fit with every complexion. Outstanding, luxurious colors enhanced in a luminous matte formula.”

Linda Cantello
Make Up Artist for Giorgio Armani Cosmetics

For the first time in Armani, intense color has a no make-up feel. Ultra-light, Lip Maestro fuses with lips for exceptional comfort and wear. Concentrated pigments, permeate the gel formula, offering an incredible depth of color. No underlying white “base” means color stays true for a flawless, matte and glowing finish.

Lip Maestro comes in 12 sumptuous shades, perfect for every skin tone.

Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro - 3


Linda Cantello, International make-up artist for Giorgio Armani, is backstage at every fashion show to translate Mr Armani’s vision into make-up. Pushing the boundaries to capture just the right color and texture. Rethinking traditional formulas to create new and iconic looks, sculpted in light.

It was from this collaborative spirit, combining the expertise of the make-up artist, the innovative technology of the Giorgio Armani Cosmetics laboratories and the inspiration of the house that Lip Maestro was born. It was a process that evolved over several seasons, coming closer to perfection with each show.

Then, backstage at the Spring 2011 “Éclat de Pierres Privé” couture show, Linda blended a translucent velvet gel with a high concentration of plum pigments.

The result was revolutionary – a lip product that was both saturated with matte color and intensely glowing. A sensation on the catwalk, today Giorgio Armani brings this new experience in lip color to every woman with Lip Maestro.

Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro - 8


Why is Lip Maestro so unique?

What’s fascinating about this formula is that it’s a completely new generation. It is a 4D effect because you have this incredible depth of color that still remains matte but is very luminous. So you can get a really chic effect in deep luminous reds, amethysts or plums, and it’s fascinating because it is long lasting and ver y comfortable. When you wear Lip Maestro, you almost need no other make-up. Lip Maestro, worn alone, can be the height of chic.

And the application?

There’s something very sensual about it. It’s so velvety it glides onto your lips. A little tip: start with the bottom lip then press your lips together for an even application.

Is there a rule to matching lip color with skin tone? Can everyone wear red lipstick?

There’s only one rule in make up: be bold. Real beauty often comes from the unexpected. When we created the Rouge d’Armani 400, we created the perfect red because it’s a true red: not too orange, not too blue, so it suits everybody. It’s a huge success, so we did the exact same shade for Lip Maestro.


The Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro will debut in Singapore from 1January 2013 exclusively at DFS Galleria Singapore.

In Asia, the Lip Maestro is available in 10 shades only (#200, 201, 202, 300, 400, 402, 500, 501, 502, 503) – I have put together the colours above, in the exact order for your reference.

Thank you for looking.

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