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Urban Decay’s NAKED Event At Sephora

Urban Decay's NAKED Event At Sephora  (11)

Beginning of last month, I had the opportunity to participate in an Urban Decay x Sephora bloggers event – celebrating the launch of Urban Decay’s latest franchise, the NAKED Basics Eyeshadow Palette.

Together with Sophia from The Make-up Blogette and Mag from Makeup Stash – using the varies NAKED palettes, each of us created a different look on our model. Sophia did her sister’s signature red lip look, Mag did a dramatic smokey eye look and I created a pair of soft smokey eyes on Jessie.

Special thanks to Jessie for taking your time to be my model and Amy for helping us capture all these lovely pictures.

Urban Decay's NAKED Event At Sephora  (2)

Can you tell – I was very nervous, even standing beside a friend of two decades. I was shaking and my hands were cold before the makeup demonstration even started. I remember asking myself this question “how am I going to get through this?”

But Jessie made it so much more relaxed, we kept chatting non-stop.

Urban Decay's NAKED Event At Sephora  (3)

Before the demo, I spoke to Jessie – I wanted to find out what she likes and what she doesn’t. I also wanted to know how much time she has to get ready and what she normally wears to work and leisure.

She hardly puts on eyeshadows because she finds it difficult due to her inner eyelids. Her day starts from morning till night – she goes for dinner and drinks with friends occasionally and attends salsa classes. I thought a pair of soft smokey eyes will suit her lifestyle best and she can always bring the eyes up a notch for salsa nights.

Urban Decay's NAKED Event At Sephora  (4) Urban Decay's NAKED Event At Sephora  (5)

I created this look with mainly shades from the NAKED 2 palette.

I started off by tight lining her eyes with a black eyeliner – if you are rushing for time, this step makes a big difference, eyes instantly look bigger and more define. Apply Foxy under her brows and all over the lids to create a nice, even base for rest of the shadows.

Mix Tease and Blackout together with a fluffy brush – Jessie has beautiful sockets to work with and with her lids, look straight into the mirror and apply the colours along the crease. Apply layer by layer to intensify the corners, build up slowly.

Add some mascara, a little blush and lip balm and that’s it.

Urban Decay's NAKED Event At Sephora  (6)

I think this look is great for work – it’s quick and simple. The matte shades help define her eyes without looking over the top.

Urban Decay's NAKED Event At Sephora  (7)

Close up.

Urban Decay's NAKED Event At Sephora  (8)

As my worries and fear went away while applying makeup on Jessie – they came back when I was handed a mic. Oh my, I was straggling for words – ahhh.

Urban Decay's NAKED Event At Sephora  (9)

I brought the look up a notch by adding Busted to the outer corners of Jessie’s eyes and Pistol to the center of her lids.

Metallic and shimmery lids generally look very flattering in the night lights. This set is deeper and more mysterious – I am so happy she likes both looks. Strange tho, I actually don’t own the NAKED 2 palette and have never swatched it personally – I am very impressed with the selection of shades and quality of them.

The NAKED 2 palette consists of both matte and shimmery shades, perfect for someone on-the-go and needs to look good from day to night. The eyeshadows are easy to blend and colours are nice and pigmented.

It’s also a very versatile palette for travel.

Urban Decay's NAKED Event At Sephora  (10)

This was indeed a very fun and exciting event.

My first live makeup demonstration in public – it was nerve-wracking but couldn’t be any better with the great company of all these ladies.

Urban Decay's NAKED Event At Sephora  (12)

Thank you for looking.

18 thoughts on “Urban Decay’s NAKED Event At Sephora

  1. You are gorgeous Joey! You did a beautiful makeup job on Jessie, she looks fresh, sexy yet natural and not overdone. Very flattering makeup. You’re good!

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