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Clarins UV Plus | HP Perfecting Cream BB Cream SPF 40

Clarins BB Cream

Hello everyone, I have the Clarins UV Plus | HP Perfecting Cream BB Cream SPF 40 UVA-UVB/PA+++ up for review today. I have been trying it for a couple of weeks and I am ready to share my thoughts with you.

Retails at S$74 for 30ml of product, made in France.

This Clarins UV Plus | HP Perfecting Cream BB Cream is the newest addition to the brand’s collection of UV Plus | HP suncreens.

Clarins BB Cream vs Day Screen Beige (1)


Specially designed for Asian skin, this BB cream is the first step in skincare, combining a perfect complexion with triple-protection against UV radiation, pollution and oxidative stress. Makes for ideal and very natural-looking coverage, with any redness and blemishes disappearing immediately.

The complexion remains perfectly even throughout the day. The skin is ideally protected.

With organic blackcurrant buds to diminish skin redness induced by the stress of urban life. High-protection UVA/UVB 100% mineral to protect against the harmful effects of sunlight, including premature skin ageing. Extract of cantaloupe melon for protection against oxidative stress.

An anti-pollution complex exclusive to Clarins to protect against the harmful effects of pollution.

Product information extracted from Clarins website.

Clarins UV Plus HP Perfecting BB Cream SPF 40 (2) Clarins UV Plus HP Perfecting BB Cream SPF 40 (6)


Comes in a handy palm size white plastic tube, this BB Cream holds 30ml of product – same as their bottled Day Screen range.

It also comes sealed tightly with an aluminum foil to ensure the freshness of the product and that it hasn’t been tampered with – I get particularly impressed with packaging like this, adds a sense of security and I think all companies should do that.

That aside, I find the packaging firm and sturdy. And the mix of silver and maroon text on white with an aluminum cap is very simple and clean looking.

Clarins UV Plus HP Perfecting BB Cream SPF 40 (3) Clarins UV Plus HP Perfecting BB Cream SPF 40 (4) Clarins UV Plus HP Perfecting BB Cream SPF 40 (5)


This Clarins UV Plus | HP Perfecting Cream BB Cream only comes in one shade for the time being and this shade has been specifically designed for Asian skin.

This shade blends well into my skin tone and it provides a natural, healthy glow – with a natural skin-like finish. I am not sure how this shade will perform on people who are darker than I am – perhaps you need the smallest amount and blend together with your own foundation shade on top.

Texture of this BB Cream is smooth and creamy. It feels slightly fluffy and airy which I guess helps with the glide – because it glides onto skin effortlessly.

I also find this formula lightweight, perfect for daily use.

Clarins BB Cream vs Day Screen Beige (2) Clarins BB Cream vs Day Screen Beige (3) Clarins BB Cream vs Day Screen Beige (4)


With the brand’s UV PLUS | HP Day Screen being one of my favourite sunscreens, I was very exciting when the Beige version released. But after trying the Beige version during several occasions, I prefer sticking to their Neutral and Tinted versions because I feel they work better on me.

The Beige version provided the most coverage amongst the three UV PLUS | HP Day Screen but I felt it left a film that’s in between.

In terms of shade, I find both UV PLUS | HP Day Screen in Beige and UV Plus | HP Perfecting Cream BB Cream similar but the BB Cream blends out more evenly and settles down to a close to skin tone, natural finish – as compared to the former, which leaves a sheen.

Needless to say, as you can see from the pictures above – the UV PLUS | HP Day Screen in Beige comes in the form of liquid which gets absorbed onto the skin relatively quickly.

The BB Cream offers more coverage and can replace a foundation if all you need is sheer to medium finish.

Clarins BB Cream - Test 1


I would say that the UV Plus | HP Perfecting Cream BB Cream offers a sheer to medium coverage. It’s able to correct redness and even up skin tone, as well as conceal certain discolourations and broken capillaries.

I treat it as a sunscreen cum foundation – I think it provides enough coverage for me on a daily basis. Adding foundation over this BB Cream would be too heavy. But what I like to do is, apply a layer of compact powder foundation over for days I need more coverage.

Use a sponge if you want even more coverage. I usually use a fluffy brush to seal and set the BB Cream.

On me, this BB Cream lasted throughout the day with minimum touch ups. But again, blotting is unavoidable. I had to blot every 3-4 hours, around my T-zone to keep myself looking less shinny.

Clarins BB Cream - Test 2


There are many ways you can apply this – be it BB Creams or foundation. I find the following 2 methods the most efficient when it comes to applying this Clarins UV Plus | HP Perfecting Cream BB Cream;-

  1. For a natural finish – sheer coverage
    • I squeeze a reasonable amount of product onto tips of my fingers.
    • Use both hands to warm product up.
    • Gentle press product onto the skin.
  2. For a sophisticated finish – medium coverage
    • I squeeze a small amount of product onto the back of my hand.
    • Use three fingers to pick up product and apply in circular motions – starting from center of the face.
    • Gently massage product onto the skin.
    • Re-apply in layers to build up coverage on desired areas – such as areas with more redness, discolourations or spots.

No doubt the 2nd method takes a longer time but in my opinion, I think it’s worth every minute. I do that for some of my other foundations too and the finish is immaculate. The 1st method is handy for people who requires less coverage or has less time on hand.

For this Clarins UV Plus | HP Perfecting Cream BB Cream, I like to set with the brand’s White Plus | HP Whitening Powder Foundation.

Although this BB Cream is blendable, I find it drys down pretty fast – which leaves us less blending time. I suggest applying in parts and blend accordingly as you move along to avoid any discrepancy.



If you are a BB Cream user, I reckon the Clarins UV Plus | HP Perfecting Cream BB Cream will be a great addition to your stash.

I like the coverage, texture and wearability for this one. It’s very convenient to have this in my makeup kit when I travel because it replaces my sunscreen as well as my foundation.

All I need is in one handy, pocket-size tube.

I would recommend this BB Cream to any of you who wishes for adequate sun protection together with sufficient coverage. Pop by their counter and give it a try.

In the picture above, I am wearing the Clarins UV Plus | HP Perfecting Cream BB Cream with a loose layer of Clarins White Plus | HP Whitening Powder Foundation over to set. With no concealer. My cheeks have been particularly spotty recently but all in all, I get a pretty amazing finish with this combination.

Thank you for reading.

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12 thoughts on “Clarins UV Plus | HP Perfecting Cream BB Cream SPF 40

  1. This looks like a really good product. I hope we have it here in the US. Thank you for telling us about the three finger blending trick. I will try that today. Have a wonderful day, it’s actually sunny here in Seattle, WA!

    • Hi Mimi,
      Weather in Singapore have been extremely hot with occasional storm (strong wind and heavy rain)..
      Anyway, this is a good product, I like it 🙂
      I believe the US gets another version of this BB Cream and if I am not wrong, it comes in several shades!!

  2. Hey Joey! 🙂 Do you recommend using a brush to apply this since it’s pretty thick and almost like a cream foundation of sort? if so, would a cream foundation brush be suitable? 😮

    • Hi Addison,
      I think fingers do a great job for applying this BB Cream but if you like, brushes like;-
      – RealTechniques Buffing Brush
      – Hakuhodo G5556
      – Urban Decay Optical Blurring Brush
      Does a great job too.
      Hope I helped =)

  3. Hey Joey, what is your skin condition? Is this BB cream suitable for combination skin with huge pores and pigmentation?

    • Hi Lyna,
      I have combination/sensitive skin.
      I don’t have a lot of pigmentations but I have visible pores and broken veins.
      This BB Cream can cover most imperfections and I am liking that =)

      • Hi Joey,

        Sounds like a great product for me to try. However I read several reviews that the shade is on the light side. What MAC foundation shade are you and is this too light for you?

        • Hi Lyna,
          Currently, I don’t own any MAC foundations but I believe I am NC25-30 – there about..
          This BB Cream is ok for me tho..
          Perhaps you should try the shade or ask for a few samples to try before buying =)
          Happy Thursday xx

  4. I do agree! Tout à fait d’accord!
    I really looove Clarins BB Cream. I use it after i put in my moisturizer and Clarins Beauty flash balm. Really amazing. Doesn’t look to heavy. I like your make up — simple, sophisticated and loooks sooo natural but the downside is the products are so expensive hehe.

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