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Clarins NEW UV Plus | HP Day Screen High Protection SPF 40

A cutting-edge formula providing high protection against UV rays combined with protection against pollution and free radicals responsible for dark spots and skin ageing. The incredibly matte, featherlight texture forms an invisible film on the skin. Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.
I went Clarins to replenish some of my basic skincare items and the BA showed me their new sun screen – UV Plus HP Day Screen High Protection SPF 40. She dripped a few drops onto the back of my hand and told me to try the texture. The minute I rub it in, I fell in love with it. It’s light and blends onto the skin smoothly – almost invisible and it smells really nice. So, I got myself a bottle on the spot. I have been wearing this sun screen with or without makeup, every single day without fail since getting it because I love it that much.
We all know this – sun exposure can lead to sunburns and skin darkening. But little do we realise that UV rays and other environmental factors such as smoke and urban pollution can do harm inside our skin too. I have extracted the following diagrams on Tips For UV Protection from Clarins’ website here >

Some days, I try to avoid wearing makeup – I only wear sun screen. I am really impressed with how this sun screen gives off a subtle and natural sheen on its own. My pores appear smaller and my complexion looks brighter and healthier. The UV Plus HP Day Screen High Protection SPF 40 comes in two oil-free variations, the one I am using is transparent and the other is tinted. There are both available at all Clarins counters and it retails at S$74 each.

Formulated with a 100% mineral screen which is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. The main ingredient for this sun screen is the cantaloupe melon. Clarins only uses 100% organic cantaloupe melons, cultivated using top-quality techniques and environmentally friendly methods in the pristine gardens of Provence, France. This powerfuol melon delivers great anti-aging benefits too and the result is – skin remains, fair, clear and youthful.

For a more detail review, read Kasthuri’s entry here >

So, overall I love this sun screen because – it’s lightweight, it blends perfectly onto my skin without leaving a white cast, it’s not reflective, it’s oil-free, it has a high SPF 40, it comes in a small handy bottle, it gives off a lovely dewy finish, it serves great at a makeup base and it wears well on its own. However, even though the formula is oil-free, I feel the need to blot every few hours because I have oily skin and T-zone.

Start wearing a sun screen if you are not and if you are, what sun screen are you currently using?

4 thoughts on “Clarins NEW UV Plus | HP Day Screen High Protection SPF 40

  1. I am currently using Clinique’s Derma White City Block, it’s not as good as Clarins ( compare to your review here ). Now I’ve got to try Clarins……

  2. A “thing” ? I don’t remember that; I have to admit their DDML is crap, their soaps are basic, but I like their clarifying lotions, laser focus, moisture surge, derma white & repairwear line: They may not be the hippest, but at least fairly affordable & gives good results.

    My biggest detest is actually it’s 3 steps regime, why the DDML before other products like serum? I find the logic of 3 steps a bogus; I just skipped step 3 & follow with any serums/moisturiser after wiping my skin with clarifying lotion.

    • I used to have acne in highschool and I used Clinique’s products which made my acne worst, a lot worst.
      I don’t understand why because their products are meant for sensitive skin.
      So, I kind of drifted away from their products totally but now I am trying to explore their colour products, may try their face products soon (foundations).

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