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Introducing Shu Uemura Lasting Soft Gel Pencil, Tokyo Lash Mascara & S Curler

UEO Press Dossier


Make an impression from lash line to lash tip

Open your eyes to bold eyed beauty. Make-up artist’s tools and techniques for perfection are now at your very own fingertips. “ultimate eye opening” marks the debut of a collection that includes skin care, make-up, and new advanced beauty tools that function as a revolutionary all in one, eye opening beauty kit.

The all new, “ultimate eye opening” collection is a step by step experience that achieves bigger eyes for a professional looking impression from lashline to lash tip.

With over 40 years of pioneering beauty innovations, shu uemura is the universal choice for beauty and make-up.

Shu Uemura Lasting Soft Gel Pencil, Tokyo Lash Mascara & S Curler (2)


Easy application like a pencil, soft texture and long lasting like a gel

With liners, you usually have to choose between the long lastingness of a gel and the easiness of a pencil. Now, we have just made life easier: a liner that is a gel in a pencil, very easy to use, and long lasting.

Easy application

This “gel in a pencil” realizes smooth, soft application just like a pencil. Draw soft and intense lines to clearly define the eyes. No brush or sharpener is required.

12 hours longlasting*

The soft gel formula contains high content rigid silicon resin which forms a film that realizes a long lasting and waterproof effect. Quick drying, so no smudging around the eyes.

*tested on Asian women, n=55. Self-assessment 12h after application

  • M black
  • M brown

Shu Uemura Lasting Soft Gel Pencil, Tokyo Lash Mascara & S Curler (3)


Dramatically bold, lacquer-black lashes open your eyes with one stroke

Based on shu uemura’ s philosophy “beautiful tools, beautiful finish”, the ingenious new crisscross, v-shape “kirenaga” brush effortlessly catches even short lashes for an instant, elaborate lash make-up finish. A lacquer-black, long lasting and smudge-proof formula that achieves eye opening lash make-up results as if you’ve had your make-up done by a professional.

Formula secret

Intense black lashes that are long lasting and smudge proof. shu uemura’ s lacquer-black agent provides a glossy black shine. Containing instant volume complex which gives lashes a volumizing effect, and also ceramide R* which is known to provide strengthening effect.

*ingredient known to condition and strengthen hair.


The sophisticated red and black package is inspired by Japanese lacquer.

Shu Uemura Lasting Soft Gel Pencil, Tokyo Lash Mascara & S Curler (4)


Makeup Artist’s secret weapon revealed

Shu Uemura’ s award winning eye lash curlers are a must have for pros and public a like . Now quality and performance reach new heights: introducing the high definition eyelash s curler, the ultimate in professional lash curling precision for everyone.

13 years of research to reach perfection. “It was a longtime challenge to create an eye lash curler that all women can use. We created over 100 prototypes to realize the best design.” Yuji Asano, international chief make-up artist.

UEO Press Dossier

The s curler’ s functional yet sleek side-bar free design allows partial, precise, and pinch free application and fits all eye shapes. The name “s curler” comes from the initial letter of 8 key words which express the product: small, spot, special, safe, simple, side-bar free, sophisticated, and finally Shu Uemura. The s curler can also be used with false eyelashes too.

UEO Press Dossier

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Shu Uemura Lasting Soft Gel Pencil, Tokyo Lash Mascara and S Curler are readily available at all Shu Uemura outlets.

Thank you for reading.

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