The Journal

Hello New Theme

Looks like we are a little ahead of schedule here. Initially, I planned to revamp this blog in December but it kind of got into me earlier today. So, good-bye old skin, welcome new skin.

There are several reasons why I am changing the theme. The most obvious reason is – this blog is coming to 1-year-old in January 2011. Yay to that and we need a new theme to celebrate this milestone, right? Not only that, Christmas and New Year are round the corner and there will be a giveaway coming your way soon, so we need a new layout to host all the goodness altogether, correct?

There are still a couple of things to add and modify for this theme, so expect changes for the next week or so.

Are you liking this new theme? Do let me know if you are experiencing any problems with loading etc. Or browsing with your mobile phones, there are some settings I have enable/disabled.

Thank you for reading, good night and sweet dreams!! 

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