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Once In A Lifetime Experience At Capella, Singapore


One of the best Singapore hotel experiences begins as you approach Capella Singapore. A private driveway meanders up to a Capella masterpiece, which we believe will set a new standard for luxury hotels in Singapore.

The singular locale of Capella Singapore resort and spa in Singapore ensures that a vacation on Sentosa Island is like none other. Curved, modern buildings gently intermingle with both our colonial buildings and the verdant, vibrant rainforest. The South China Sea is our backyard.

Our architects, Foster + Partners, have ingeniously woven the best of old and new Singapore into an astonishing, breathtaking fusion. You’ll be received by our hotel staff in two historic bungalows named Tanah Merah, or “red earth” in Malay. Dating back to the 1880s, these British colonial buildings have been restored and perfectly compliment the new hotel extension and villas. This blend of the old and the new, the natural and the designed, infuses every acre of Capella Singapore. Where courtyards using native plants invite moments of introspection. Where waves gently lap against the shore of Sentosa Island, their natural energy inspiring with every crest. And where everyone is welcomed and celebrated at our luxury Singapore hotel.

Introduction extracted from Capella Singapore website.

 This is a rather overdue post but nonetheless, I would love to share with you, our fantastic visit to Capella Singapore on Valentine’s Day. It was a truly breathtaking experience. Top class accommodation and services, thank you for making this day such a memorable one.

We were pampered with the wide selection of tea available during our high tea at The Knolls.

 A scroll at the beach is always relaxing and rejuvenating.

We had a great time exploring and experiencing Capella. The luxury of having such a spacious villa all to ourselves, having breakfast served on time by the pool overlooking the South China Sea, less than 5 mins walk to the beach and fine selection of tea.

What more can we ask for this Valentine’s Day?

6 thoughts on “Once In A Lifetime Experience At Capella, Singapore

    • Wow, it’s nothing like Blue Point, a lot better babe!!
      The atmosphere and ambient at Capella is superb, beyond words..
      That’s the infinity pool by The Knolls =)
      Ours, in the villa, is facing the ocean!!

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