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Accessories From Accessorize

Have been years since I shopped for accessories from Accessorize. I used to buy a lot from them while I was studying in the UK. It was Jennifer and mine favourite accessories shop. Wondered into Accessorize at Takashimaya one morning while waiting for a friend. I ended up bringing 10 pieces home and here they are.

Gorgeous collection. I love the colours and style, very “light” and fresh – perfect for this season.

For the first set of photos above, we have the Positanto Bead Necklace S$44.90 with mixed leaf cluster, thread beads, fabric wrapped beads and pearl details, Prancing Fish Necklace S$33.90 featuring an etched metal fish shape pendant with faceted crystals and hanging navette beads on the left and Bird Of Paradise Necklace S$27.90 in the shape of an abstract bird with lobster clasp and extender chain on the right.

I love chunky earrings and used to wear them when I had longer hair. After I cut my hair short, I felt that the style didn’t go with the earrings I used to wear and so I stopped wearing earrings totally. But since my hair is getting longer, I think it’s time to get some new ones.

From left to right, we have Metallic Edged Wooden Hoop Earrings S$27.90, Turquoise Navette Chandelier Earrings S$33.90 which has the classic chandelier style and turquoise seed bead detail in navette shapes and Textured Leaf Chandelier Earrings S$21.90.

And lastly, we have the New Carnival Statement Rings Necklace S$61.90 featuring large gem stones and fabric covered rings. 2 sets of bangles, Primrose Hill Bangle Set S$33.90 and Primrose Eclectic Bangle Set S$27.90. On the extreme right, we have Primrose Kimono Bead Necklace S$33.90 which consists of chunky assorted beads, fabric covered, painted and faux pearl beads.

Have you been accessorizing?

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