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Ombres Tissées Iridescent Effects Eyes In Beiges

Ombres Tissées Iridescent Effects Eyes in Beiges is part of the Aquarelles de Chanel Makeup Collection For Summer 2011 released earlier this week. It retails at S$95 and it contains 13g of product, made in Italy. I believe this collection is exclusively sold only at ION Orchard.

The compact is exactly the same size as Joues Contraste and Les 4 Ombres. It also comes with the standard velvet pouch and a travel friendly sponge applicator – similar to the ones included in Illusion D’Ombres.

The Ombres Tissées Iridescent Effects Eyes in Beiges consists of 3 colour blocks, not so much of them being all blended together, you can clearly see the line where the colours meet. From top to bottom, there is a pale pink, a beige and a pink – all infused with silver glitter reflects that glistens like fine diamonds under the light – beautiful.

Swatches above taken indoor with natural light and swatches below with flash.

Although the colours are very light, you are still able to capture the differences between them. Personally, I like the beige most, followed by the pale pink but it may look slightly ashy on darker skin tones. When all 3 colours are blended together, the effect is less dramatic – giving off just the right amount of colour and sheen.

It feels kind of weird running my fingers across the crystalline surface of this palette. I was having second thoughts of doing so, wondering if I should keep this palette untouched because it’s such a beauty to admire.

Picture above shows the damage after two swipes. The silver glitter reflects seem to be a over-spray which will eventually disappear.

As the name of this product suggests, the Ombres Tissées Iridescent Effects Eyes in Beiges is meant for the eyes but I see myself using it more as a highlighter for the cheeks and cupid’s bow. The individual colours are not truly unique but the texture is incredibly soft and creamy, blends into the skin smoothly and seamlessly. Even with the gitter reflects, it doesn’t feel gritty.

For Chanel lovers and makeup collectors, I believe this palette is hard to resist. And for those who enjoys sparkles and shimmers, you might not want to miss this out either. For the rest, you decide if it’s worth the spurge.

Thank you for reading and hope this little post helped.

8 thoughts on “Ombres Tissées Iridescent Effects Eyes In Beiges

  1. Do you really think this was made for the eyes? seems so odd to me since the product amount is so huge and looks like a highlighter Confused why Chanel labeled it that way.

    • Hi Nancy,
      The sparkles is an overspray which will eventually go away..
      I believe it is suitable for eyes because it states that on the label – FYI, companies in SG are required to pay a sum of money for registering high risk products such as eyes and lips, so if it’s not made for the eyes, I don’t see why they would wanna label it that way..
      Anyway, I prefer using this product as a highlighter – personally, I am not very comfortable using glitter on my eyes..
      Did you pick this item up too?

      • Hi Joey, Yes I picked it up. It is beautiful but I kind of regret my purchase. I am thinking of sending it back to Chanel. I have so much and I just don’t use it. I don’t feel it is one of my most favorite pieces from Chanel …… part of me feeling this way is that I just have too many items and this one is not my fav. I feel like I am trying to Love it but don’t. I am on Makeup overload…… but Chanel is my most favorite Brand !

        • Hi Nancy,
          Oh dear, I am so sorry to hear that!!
          But I must agree with you that this is not my favourite piece from Chanel either..
          I use it mainly as a highlighter because they shades on their own are not unique at all..
          Especially after the overspray is gone, this product seems a little dull..
          Anyway, I hope you can return or sell this product off soon tho..

          • I also got the Las Vegas Highlighter and that was a steep price but I feel better about that purchase then this one because at Least the Vegas Highlighter product looks better on me. Debating on if I should get the Fall Highlighter or not, did you get that one?

            • I didn’t get the Las Vegas highlighter but I may get the one from Fall =)
              What are your picks from Chanel Fall?
              Seems like Chanel will be rolling out a couple of small collections, I am totally tracking down the Illusion D’Ombre in Abstraction and Vision..

            • So Far I got all 3 Polish’s , the Silver liner, and the Plum Lip liner ( LOVE ) I am thinking about getting the Long wear Almandine Gloss I have never purchased any of their long wear gloss’s and I am on the fence about the Fall Highlighter and the Blush I am only on the fence about it because of the amount of items I have I really want to use up some things….. I for sure want those Illusion D’Ombre’s once they are out. I stopped at a Chanel counter and they showed me a bunch of up coming collections on paper…… I guess there will be another gold Illusion D’Ombre coming out for Holiday called Apparence sort of a gold bronze. A Holiday blush that is described as Shimmering Pink called Star Dust. I am majorly excited for the new Rouge Allure Lipsticks I LOVE CHANEL!! but for some reason am regretting some of my Highlighter purchases I wish I did not feel that way but I do I don’t feel I use them enough 😦

            • So envy that you are already playing with Fall items!!
              You are surely not alone, I have mountains of makeup which I would love to finish but pretty impossible based on the rate I am buying and collections rolling out like hot cakes!!
              But it’s always a pleasure to admire =)

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