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Lunasol Makeup Collection For Fall 2012 – My Picks

The natural dimensions are accentuated and the skin starts to radiate the glow of a crystal. Lunasol completed Purifying Makeup inspired by the splendor crystals possessed filled with an infinitely glossy luster.


I didn’t pick up any eyeshadow palettes, blushers nor lip products from Lunasol’s Fall collection this year – what captured my attention was their new product, the Sheer Glossy Eyes and two nail colours.

Sheer Glossy Eyes is a single-color eyeshadow that bestows eyelids with clear colors and an extremely translucent and lustrous look.  Moist gel powder lightly spreads on the skin, meltingly blending and adhering to the skin. Contains beauty essence ingredients that provide moisture to the eyelids while creating eyes filled with an exceedingly pure luster.

Retails at S$43 for 3.6g of product, made in Japan.

These gel-like eyeshadows come in clear plastic pots, very lightweight and compact. My picks are EX 01 Nuance Gray and Ex 04 Peach Beige.

In this collection, you will also find a total of four nail colours ranging from shiny white to sparkling red. 07 Cool Beige and EX 06 Deep Red were my picks – very safe indeed and the deep red is perfect for this season.

Each bottle of Lunasol Nail Finish retails at S$23.50 for 10ml of product, made in Japan.

Thank you for looking.

4 thoughts on “Lunasol Makeup Collection For Fall 2012 – My Picks

  1. Yay you got deep red too! I still in love with this color. It’s just gorgeous to be worn all year long 🙂
    I can’t wait to read what you think about the sheer glossy eyes 🙂

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