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Chanel Ombres Perlées de Chanel In Préférence

If I am not wrong, the Chanel Ombres Perlées de Chanel in Préférence is a travel exclusive and is only available through inflight merchandise. My friend helped me purchase this piece from Singapore Airlines awhile ago – unfortunately, I am not sure if it’s still available.

I can’t remember to the exact price of this item but my guess would be around S$80 to S$85. Contains 5g of product, made in Japan.

This palette immediately reminded me of the Chanel Ombres Perlées de Chanel released last Spring, also contains 5g of product, made in Japan. Both palettes come in the same packaging and size. The only difference is – the quality.

It’s such a shame – Préférence is a beauty-in-pan, the colour combination is gorgeous and the palette looks stunning. But the texture and colour payoff seem to fall short in many ways. It is quite disappointing if you ask me – having their Spring edition of Ombres Perlées de Chanel, I expected this palette to be similar in some way.

This palette contains:

  • a pearlised silver-pink
  • a pearlised silver-olive
  • a shimmery yellow-gold
  • a multi-tone deep olive with golden sheen
  • a matte black with multi-colour sparkles

The first two shades have a similar texture to Dior 1 Couleur Ultra-Smooth High Impact Eyeshadow in 616 Golden Spotlight (swatched here). But these are patchy and applies unevenly, it feels a little chunky too as compared to Dior’s.

The only way I could get them to work is by applying them very lightly over a creamy base – either a creamy eyeshadow primer or cream eyeshadow. Another way of using them is to gently pat over eyeshadow – perhaps to the center of the lids to add dimension and definition.

Avoid layering for more intensity as this will cause the eyeshadow to pile up, looking patchy and uneven.

The middle shade, a shimmery yellow-gold contains pink and orange micro-shimmers which looks stunning under day light or any artificial lighting but this shade is way to light to stand out. Unless you are a fan of translucent, shimmery eyeshadows – this shade would probably be an excellent highlighter instead.

Despite the disappointment in three of the earlier shades – the last two shades are actually quite beautiful. I love the buttery texture of the olive. The last shade is gorgeous if applied over a creamy/black base – the multi-colour sparkles glisten very nicely.

Overall, I am not very impressed.

This palette is not something I would have expected from Chanel. If I were to do a blind test, I would have never guessed Chanel. I think there is definitely many rooms for improvements – I will keep the olive shade and work on the rest.

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Thank you for looking.

10 thoughts on “Chanel Ombres Perlées de Chanel In Préférence

  1. Sorry to hear you weren’t very impressed with the Ombres Perlées de Chanel in Preference. I swatched this in Heathrow airport sometime July but I didn’t get it because I don’t use the Ombres Perlées de Chanel that I have from last year, often enough. Unfortunately there sometimes are some Chanel products that are below their usual standard :/ I feel that way about their Intuition quad, it’s so sheer.

    • Hi Fieran,
      There were no testers on our side so I wasn’t able to swatch it before getting my friend to buy..
      Well, I guess it happens once in a while – to every brand!!

    • Hi Mimi,
      Yes, the colours are so pretty but well..
      I doubt it’s a counterfeit but rather a poor quality Chanel..
      I guess it happens to every brand once in a while!!

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