The Journal

Chinese New Year 2010

After 15 days of eating, greeting, gambling, laughter and joy,
Chinese New Year has come to an end.

This is the only occasion I get to meet up with most of my aunties and uncles, all under one roof – my grandma’s house.

Let’s start from our journey back to Malaysia on Saturday morning.
It took us nearly 9 hours to drive back.
Traffic was so bad and packed, it was a ridiculous journey.
Lucky I wasn’t the one driving.

We had our reunion dinner at Chef Choi Restaurant.

Yes, “Lou Hei”.
Food wasn’t the best, merit I suppose.

On the first day of Chinese New Year, all of us got up early.
Had to look decent to collect “Ang Pows” right?

My brother brought his dogs to grandma’s house.
They are so adorable and cute.
And small.

3 of them in total but I love Cherry most.

Me, trying hard to be Paris Hilton.
Maybe with a much smaller nose, sexier figure and without the double chin.

We love Cherry.

My brother was the Chef for the day.
Chopping tasty chicken for us.

Playing around while waiting for our tasty chicken.

“Leh-long, Leh-long” 1 for $10.

Kissing “my” Cherry good bye.

The dogs were so well behaved.
Makes me want one too.

Check out rest of our Chinese New Year Celebrations.
Ascott, Kuala Lumpur
Malacca, Malaysia
The Majestic, Malacca
Breakfast At The Mansion
Spa Village, Malacca
Afternoon Tea At The Lounge

One more family gathering back in Singapore.
This time, with b’s family.

B’s uncle is our amazing Chef of the night.

Yes, “Lou Hei” again.

Followed by some gambling and here is Don, counting his winnings.
We are all watching.

Best of both world.
I received “Ang Pows” in RM and SGD.

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