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My 5 All Time Favourites For March 2011

Another month has flown by us and it’s time to reveal 5 of my all time favourites for March. Have explored several new brands for the past month, am glad I did because I found some real gems amongst them and I am excited to share.

First off, I have the new Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara for you. Now bottom lashes get in on the action with a brush engineered for tiny tasks and a formula that resists smears. This mascara is tiny, measures at merely 9cm in length. But great things come in small packages. The brush is tiny enough for precise application, even for extremely tiny bottom lashes. This particular product has helped me apply mascara to my bottom lashes at ease. I don’t have to worry about smudging because the brush is so small and it’s designed to fit into the tiny gaps in between lashes. See Sophia’s demonstration here >

I bought a set of Guerlain Météorites Asian Seasons Miniatures at DFS late last year and I haven’t really had the chance to use them. But after trying out each of the 3 shades, I am in love with Beige Chic. This shade combines mainly beige shades with a touch of pearl for creating a natural, flawless skin. It gives off an iridescent finish to my skin and I am loving it very much. During the day, I usually dust a very light layer over my entire face and neck. In the night, I like to use it as a highlighter – a little under my eyes, brow bones, cheek bones and nose bridge. It brightens up my complexion miraculously!!

If you like lots of glitter, shimmer and blue nail polishes, you got to give Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish in Across The Universe a try. More of Deborah Lippmann Nail Polishes coming your way. Am tidying up the post and will talk more about them there. So, watch out for this post, I will be featuring 5 new Deborah Lippmann polishes I recently bought.

Do you know the importance of wearing a sun screen? I was aware how much damage UV rays can cause but I didn’t realise the damage could be permanent until I got a serious sun burn last year. From than, I have been searching for the right sun screen. I have tried several brands but I must say, the new Clarins UV Plus HP Day Screen High Protection SPF 40 won my heart. I have never enjoyed wearing a sun screen as much as I do now. And this sun screen surely deserve an individual, more detailed write-up coming soon.

And lastly, I have the Illamasqua Powder Blusher in Kiss & Rumour for you. Note: the images above are not the actual shades, I couldn’t find a clear picture of them shades. I bought both these blushers during Illamasqua’s Last Chance Salon last year where some of their products and shades are going on a 50% sale. You can refer to the Shoppings and Swatches for more information. Basically, Kiss is a deep rose plum colour and Rumour is a pale beige with a touch of pink. I am liking the combination of them. I usually use Rumour to contour and Kiss as a blush. I have used them in my recent Look In Punky Blues and Look In Iron Maiden.

Thank you for reading and what are your favourite products this month?

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