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More Inglot In My Stash, Swatches & Recommendations

Follow on with my previous post Tour Of Inglot, Kuala Lumpur, I would like to show you some items I bought during my recent trip to Malaysia.

This entry is lengthy and consists of over 20 images, including swatches and first impressions which I hope will help you paint a better picture of their products, in terms of quality, texture and colour payoff. I do apologize as some of the swatches are rather messy because I swatched them during the night and I was a little exhausted.

Let’s begin with the Nail Enamel. They are RM44 (S$18) per bottle and I picked Nº 862 (15ml) – a frosted nude, Nº 307 (15ml) – a bright yellow and Nº 201 (8ml) – multi-coloured glitter with clear base. The texture is smooth and doesn’t streak. It takes 2 coats to achieve opacity and it’s really easy to apply – even the yellow one.

Swatches taken indoor with flash. 2 coats of nail polish without base nor top coat.

Nº 201 has an amazingly glossy finish even without a top coat. Below are swatches with and without a coloured nail polish base. I used OPI Pamplona Purple because it’s the nearest to me at the time. I think 2 coats work the best over coloured nails, three coats might be a little too crowded.

The glitter looks so much more attractive in real life. I tried to capture the essence of it in the bottom two pictures. The reflection is gorgeous isn’t it?


I picked up a bottle of Duraline which I completely missed during my first visit. It’s a special transforming liquid that will turn any powder products into liquid form. Ingredients: Isododecane, Bis-Vinyl Dimethicone/Dimethicone Copolyner, Capryl Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Hexylene Glycol. Notice it doesn’t consist any water (aqua)? The consistency of this product is thicker than water but thinner than serum. A drop mixed with some pigment is more than enough for both eyes. It creates a smooth, even and flawless finish.

The bottle of Duraline is RM38 (S$16) for 9ml of product.

AMC Pure Pigment Eyeshadow are stunning and very pigmented. Each jar contains 2g of product and it retails at RM62 (S$25). The pigments are sold by weight not volume and containers can appear to be less than full due to settling of the product.

It’s difficult to choose from the wide spectrum of colours Inglot carries. I picked up Nº 59 – a frosted lilac, Nº 80 – a purple taupe, Nº 67 – a warm gold and Nº 52 – brown taupe. Nº 35 is from my existing collection which is a mid-tone purple with golden shimmer.

Swatches below taken indoor with flash. Swatched them with my fingers, one side dry and the other side wet. I used Duraline instead of water or Fix + for this set. The pigments itself are already very pigmented but with the help of Duraline, application is smoother and it spreads more evenly. I am not sure how it will work for blending two colours together – will find that out soon. But I reckon it should work the same.

Also, as always, some pigments have a bigger difference when used wet. I guess the only one that has a significant difference in the set below is Nº 67 – which reminds me of Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill in Gold Blitz.

Next in line, I have some Liquid Eyeliners for you. Each retails at RM44 (S$18) and contains 4ml of product.

Nº 27 is for a friend. I took the product shots before she decides which she wants. The Liquid Eyeliners comes with a typical long and thin eyeliner brush. They also require some form of shaking before each use because the consistency is rather watery. Without shaking, the shimmery glitters will saturate with its base. I particularly love their shimmering range, great to apply near the tear ducts to brighten and enlarge the eyes.


I picked Nº 29 – a deep plum, Nº 35 – a shimmering pink gold, Nº 36 – a shimmering nude beige and Nº 41 – a shimmering khaki grey.

I swatched a few other colours, they are pigmented but a few left stains behind. Like Nº 29, it leaves a blue cast on my hand after swatching but the colour is too pretty to pass. The stain goes away in a few hours.


Before I finish this entry with items from the Freedom System, I have Inglot’s Lip Pencils for you. They have strong resemblance of the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils which I absolutely adore. These are priced at RM44 (S$18) for 4.5g of product. I am not sure if these are new, probably not but I don’t recall seeing them in Australia.

I bought four shades and they are Nº 15 – nude, Nº 21 – red, Nº 32 – mauve and Nº 11 – coral.

I wish the pencils have colour coding at the end like the NARS ones because it is easier to find. With only four, I doubt it would be a problem for now. These Lip Pencils are jumbo size crayons which require sharpening.

Most, if not all the colours in the collection are matte. They are less creamy than the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils but not as drying in my opinion. These pencils glides on smoothly and are pigmented, you can easily achieve full coverage with them. It doesn’t feel heavy on the lips. I suggest wearing a lip balm over or under to moisturize the formula a little unless you like it really matte.

Moving on to the last part of my purchases, I have items for the Freedom System for you.

I bought 2 palettes of 4 eyeshadows previously and now I am back for more. I went for a 10 pan eyeshadow palette, a 4 pan blush palette and a palette with combination of a face powder, blush and 2 eyeshadows.

Again, selecting colours wasn’t easy. But I am more focus this time. I knew I wanted to try their matte colours because I haven’t and I am looking for (or rather, trying to find) colours I don’t currently have. I am on the hunt for burnt orange eyeshadows recently.

Let’s start with the Freedom System 10 Eyeshadow (Square) Palette I created. A row of bright and bold colours with a row of earthy tones – in varies textures and finishes. The empty palette costs RM43 (S$18) and each refill is RM28 (S$11), so the entire palette costs about S$128.

For this palette, I have, from top to bottom, left to right – Nº 368, Nº 383, Nº 361, Nº 366, Nº 50, Nº 330, Nº 11, Nº 390, Nº 402, Nº 409.

The Matte eyeshadows usually comes in 2.3g and others typically weighs 2.7g but the Shine series consists 3.5g of product.

All their eyeshadows are very soft and very pigmented. However, I find their Matte eyeshadows slightly powdery which may not be a bad thing. It depends on how you pick up the eyeshadow from the pan. A great tip can be found in one of Enkore’s latest videos featuring Inglot’s new 40 pan palette – The Power of Matte Palette here >

For the AMC series, they consist of glitter bits. Pearl series are like Urban Decay’s eyeshadows in their NAKED palette and Shine series are usually duo tone which I love. I wished I picked up more.

Up next, I have the Freedom System 4 Face Blush Palette. The empty palette costs the same and each blush refill is RM38 (S$15). So, this palette works out to be approximately S$78 as well.

I chose Nº 27, Nº 32, Nº 33 and Nº 34. The blushes have decent colour payoff and comes in a good range of matte and shimmer finishes. Swatches below are quite blended out, taken indoor with flash. I am very excited about the blushes, something new to try. Narrowed down to two roses, two beiges and a coral for the other palette.

Finally, the last palette with 2 eyeshadows, 1 blush and a face powder. Empty palette costs the same as the rest, pressed powder refill retails at RM54 (S$22) and this palette works out to be about S$78.

I have included a matte white, Nº 373 and matte deep pine green Nº 340 paired with a matte blush Nº 29 and a shimmering pressed powder Nº 19. The face powder has a subtle gold shimmer in it, beautiful.


A very satisfying trip to Inglot I shall say which pulls me away from most upcoming collections with the exception of Chanel’s Fall Makeup Collection of course. And it was a great way to cheer myself up from the accident. Or am I just trying to find reasons to justify this shopping spree? No, I don’t need to. We all love beautiful and quality makeup, don’t we?

I wouldn’t jump into the conclusion and say Inglot is the best makeup store in town because it is still very new to me. But Inglot houses all the products we need and more, from top to toe. From all the products I have (only a small portion of their entire catalogue), the quality and colour payoff is brilliant except maybe the AMC Lip Gloss – I don’t like the smell of it but it’s just me. Products are priced at a very affordable and reasonable range. Colour selection is huge, even if you aren’t into bold, bright colours, they have lots of neutrals for you.

Most importantly, most of their products are permanent. No buying on impulse or buying in a rush required. We can slowly build our collection as and when we have time and cash to spare.

If you are starting out with this brand, personally, I would suggest you try their Eyeshadows, AMC Pure Pigment Eyeshadows and Nail Enamels. For those who wears a lot of pigments and like to use them wet, I suggest trying the Duraline which creates a “waterproof” film for longevity. Their Blushes, Lip Pencils and AMC Lip Paints have strong resemblance to some NARS products. If you have difficulties getting your hands on NARS, those products could be a great alternative.

If you are into creating the perfect canvas then you may want to try their Under Makeup Base which is a “silky and smooth gel made by dispersing oil swellable sponge-like spheres in a mixture of sillicones” – I didn’t buy one but the MA gave me a few sachet of samples to try.

And if you are a makeup fanatic then you are up for a challenge, one that requires a lot of self-discipline and self-control. I recommend you to stay away from the store.

A few items not to be missed – Body Sparkles, Slim Gel Lipstick (reminds me of MAC Slimshine Lipstick), Matte Collection AMC Eyeliner Gel and perhaps their Travel Brush Set if you need something portable.


Thank you for reading till the end of this entry. I wish this post can be shorter but it wouldn’t make any sense to separate my thoughts. I really hope that the information above helped some of you. I am looking forward to seeing what you have gotten from Inglot and I can’t wait to use the products I bought.

Have a wonderful night ahead.

30 thoughts on “More Inglot In My Stash, Swatches & Recommendations

  1. Joey! awesome awesome entry! And all your choices look lovely! That duochrome pigment in 59, the eyeshadow in 11, all the blushes and all the lip pencils have me gasping for air! *wink*

  2. i think Nº 32 – mauve and Nº 11 – coral resembles NARS lip pencil in Sex machine and Red Square!
    pretty!! and $18 is really cheap.. cant wait for you to create looks with these 🙂

  3. Definitely a make up PORN. And they are so affordable! Sunway Pyramid, oh dear, it has changed a lot, definitely need to pop in next time I am around.

    • LOL David..
      I have not been to Sunway in a long time too and this visit was only for Inglot as I have only 2 hours before I leave to the airport..
      Didn’t have the chance to walk around..

    • You are welcome Sophia!!
      I can’t wait to see your makeup hauls when you are back?
      I can see lots of Tom Ford, Burberry Beauty, Saks and Nordstorm going on in your tweets =)

    • Hello Joyce,
      Thank you =)
      I don’t think I can ever pick anything from Inglot online.
      Too many choices and the colour swatch on their site are computer generated, very difficult to tell the colours!!

  4. Hey Joey, I just came back from Melbourne last night. I visited the Inglot at Chadstone and the colours and items they have are simply mind boggling! 😛 I bought the 4 blush freedom system as well, it cost AUD65 and a gel lipstick for AUD27. Everything is so expensive in Australia! 😛 Anyways, the SA wasn’t really helpful as she swatched the colours on herself while helping me to make choices and she is a very fair Aussie lady while I am Chinese! I heard about them opening stores in Malaysia and the SA also mentioned Singapore is in the pipeline, hopefully with more reasonable prices! 🙂

    • Hi Esther,
      How was your trip?
      It’s pretty cold there at this time of the year right?
      OMG, did you go skiing?

      After visiting Inglot in KL, I think the prices are in our favor (due to the conversion rates of course).
      When I was writing this post, I converted my shoppings from Australia and Malaysia – trying to figure what will the prices be like when they arrive in Singapore next year..
      I think the prices are going to be very competitive =)

  5. Hi Joey,
    yes, it was really cold! On one of the mornings when we were up in the mountains, it was only 4 degrees! Brrr…. It was a great trip for me as everyone in the family got to do something 🙂 By the way, I have been wearing the Inglot blushes for the 3rd day now and I must say they are really gorgeous 🙂 Although the colours look bright in the pan but they look really natural on my cheeks 🙂 I have to thank you for blogging about Inglot and Chadstone as I read up your blog before my trip 🙂

    • Hi Esther,
      Wow, I see many smileys!! LOL.. you must have enjoyed your trip =) Wow, 4 degrees – that’s awesome COLD!!
      You are welcome, glad you managed to pick up something!!
      I have been wearing Inglot blushes too, lovely the pigmentation and staying power..

  6. You must do a FOTD with your Inglot items since you have so many of them 🙂 I hope to visit the one at Sunway Pyramid soon cos the prices are definitely more reasonable 🙂

  7. Love the look of the liquid eyeliner #35. The picture above is the only one online I can find of it. :/ How do you like that shade and do you have pictures of it on? Thanks!

    • Hi Shayyme,
      Thank you for commenting and wow, am I lucky with the picture =)
      #35 and #36 are gorgeous but I don’t use it as an eyeliner (like winged eyeliner?) because it makes my eyes look extremely small..
      Instead, I use it to line my lower inner lash line or blend it out for the inner corners of my eyes..
      Sorry, I don’t think I have a picture of that liner on this blog..
      Will try to include it in my upcoming looks so you can see!!

  8. They are gorgeous shades! That’s what I was wondering…if they’d work well as far as lining regularly (winged) or if it’d look strange since they are lighter and shimmery. Thank you so much for the reply and input. 🙂

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