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Anna Sui Launches New Eyeshadows This Fall

The ANNA SUI girl for Fall 2012 is a strong, self-minded ‘Rebel Girl’ who knows what she likes and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. She is particular about her style and her makeup isn’t any different- She chooses her own looks! Much like Anna Sui herself, the Rebel Girl is independent and has a mind of her own!

Anna believes every girl has her own unique character; all she needs to do is to unleash her rebellious spirit and follow her own will!

This collection is an open book of possibilities for the Rebel Girl who has to have it her way! The focus here is on EYES, and the collection provides everything necessary for all rebel girls, with very particular taste who want to create their own unique ANNA SUI look.

The Rebel Girl can choose from a collection of 41 high quality Eye Shadow shades that are highly suitable for Asian skin and include 8 shades of Anna’s favorite color – purple. The new eye colors are made from the finest ingredients and glide on smoothly for a superior fit.

They are characterized by the use of three kinds of texture bases which can be used alone or in combination: a powder base which provides beautiful color development, a moist powder base that produces clear, pearly shades and a cream base that has a beautiful pearlescent sheen.

The Rebel Girl can create her own styles from Rock n Roll to Romantic or Classic with the 3 shade selections from her personalized eye shadow palette by using different combination and application techniques; these 3 shades represent her own “Original” unique looks. She can always have it her way!

Design of the palettes are similar to their Rose Cheek Colour but more narrow. In the palette, you can fit 3 eyeshadow pans – the eyeshadow pans come with double-sided tape which adheres to the palette and there is a pin hole at the back of the palette for removing the pans.

I picked up several shades while I was in Taiwan – prices are a few dollars less excluding claiming back taxes so why not?

The CARPENTER eyeshadow palette I created consists of the following shades;-

  • 601
  • 502
  • 504*

All swatches taken under natural day light without flash, swatches swatched dry on arm without any primer.

And the GARDEN eyeshadow palette I created includes the following;-

  • 500
  • 301
  • 902

Overall, I am very impressed with this new range of eyeshadows – at least the ones I got. Most of the shades are silky smooth with very fine and soft textures, very buttery. Even the matte shades don’t seem to be chalky.

However, amongst the 41 new shades, not all of them are unique – in fact, many of them are quite common but the texture really wins. There are a few mega vibrant shades like neon pink and red for the daring ones out there. I didn’t pick up any cream eyeshadows because I like the power ones more.

Definitely worth checking out if you don’t mind the size of product you are getting.

Let’s take a Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow to compare – it’s S$46 for 2.5g of product and the Anna Sui is S$19 for 1g, that works out to be S$47.50 for the same amount of Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow. In other words, a Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow works out to be only S$18.40 for 1g of product.

Just a tiny difference, from another angle, one can explore more colours at a reasonable price for a smaller amount of product.


Each eyeshadow refill retails at S$19 for 1g of product, made in Japan. The eyeshadow palette retails at S$16 each.

Takashimaya D.S. | BHG Bugis | Isetan Scotts | Isetan Katong

Thank you for looking.

8 thoughts on “Anna Sui Launches New Eyeshadows This Fall

  1. I love the orang/coral colours. I like that it is smaller and cheaper, considering that it is very hard for me to use up a product anyway. I’m definitely heading down to pick a few up, they are too pretty to pass up.

  2. very pretty eyeshadows. I loved the unconventional placement of eyeshadow colors in the trio. Very different from the main color schemes one finds. and the packaging is uber-cute!

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