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Bobbi Brown Blush In 6 Apricot

Bobbi Brown Blush In 6 Apricot (1)

Good day everyone, I have a Bobbi Brown Blush for you today. Received this piece as a door gift during an event. I love blush and the brand has some of my favourites. Like lipsticks, I think blushers work the same way too – some shades help contour to give us more defined features and some shades help brighten our complexion.

And this shade, 6 Apricot does just that. It’s able to brighten up my complexion instantly and requires minimal eye makeup together with very natural lips.

Retails at S$42 each for 3.7g of product, made in USA.

Bobbi Brown Blush In 6 Apricot (2)

Each Bobbi Brown Blush comes individually in a black plastic casing. The transparent lid helps in finding shades easily and the pan itself pops detach with a little force. The pan snaps right back to the individual casing or any Bobbi Brown empty palettes without the need to use glue or sticky tapes.

Bobbi Brown Blush In 6 Apricot (3)

6 Apricot is a fresh, young and candy pop of pink with a touch of orange undertone when blended. It has a natural satin finish with no shimmers. The hue provides brightening effects on my skin tone and I like the mix of pink and orange – makes it versatile when I am unsure of what lip colour to use.

This shade makes either wearing pink, nude or coral lip colours flattering.

Bobbi Brown Blush In 6 Apricot (4) Bobbi Brown Blush In 6 Apricot (5)

I have put together a little swatch of three other Bobbi Brown Blush I own (the other three pictured together are Shimmer Blush) – let me know if you would like to see swatches for them.

All swatches below taken under natural day light without flash, on dry arm.

18 Desert Pink is a soft, natural and understated pink – I enjoy using this for layering. This shade is also a very beautiful base for most pink tone blushers. 5 Plum is a deep pinky plum – looks fantastic over 18 Desert Pink and this shade is wonderful for sculpting cheek bones.

1 Sand Pink is a medium, almost dusty pink – I like using this shade as a contouring hue too but I will add another pop of rose over the apples of my cheeks for additional dimension.

Bobbi Brown Blush In 6 Apricot (6)

Texture of all four shades are soft, fine and powdery. A little goes a long way – the shades are very decently pigmented especially 5 Plum and 6 Apricot. I suggest building the colours slowly by layering and remember not to be too heavy-handed.

I enjoy wearing 6 Apricot and I think it’s wearable, work-friendly and cheerful. And I think this shade goes well on most skin tones.

Thank you for looking.

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6 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown Blush In 6 Apricot

  1. Both 6 Apricot & 5 Plum looks really interesting. Which of the shade would suit my tanned skin tone? Thanks for the review, will check it out at Bobbi Brown counters here in KL 🙂

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