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6 Empties This Month

6 Empties This Month

Hello everyone, yet another empties post this month (slightly late as I was out-of-town and couldn’t get hold of the products’ prices).

I love doing my monthly favourites and empties posts because it feels complete — this two series have been running on this blog for quite some time!!

Links to each of this series on side bar, you can access them directly.


S$155 – 185ml, Belgium

This body balm took me so long to finish — almost a year if I am not wrong. But having said that, I rotate quite a few body creams at one go and I don’t use them religiously enough to judge.

Anyway, this body balm is ultra smooth and rich. The texture is like butter and melts into the skin, leaving skin hydrated and well nourished. I enjoy using this fellow at night, before bed. Or if I am going out, wearing skirt or something showing my legs, I like to apply this balm for smoother looking legs.

It’s not too slippery even in our hot and humid country. It didn’t make me feel sticky but it does take a while to dry thus wearing clothes over freshly moisturized areas may seem unwise.


S$35 – 200ml, USA

I don’t usually purchase body washing cream as I personally prefer foaming body wash — makes me feel cleaner I suppose?

I believe body washing cream are more gentle and better for dry, sensitive skin. Due to my recent travels, my skin has been so dry — and so I picked up a tube of this. It foams up slightly but it doesn’t dry my skin at all. It’s creamy but not oily (if you know what I mean), it doesn’t leave a film over skin after wash.

After shower, my skin feels softer and smoother, well moisturized but I would recommend applying a thin coat of moisturizer over to seal the deal.


S$19.90 – 250ml, Poland

Love the packaging — sleek and slim, easy to store and dispenses product at ease.

This shampoo is good for every day, doesn’t strip moisture off my hair and leaves scalp feeling clean. I guess it does its job well. This brand of haircare products can be found easily at Watsons and they offer a wide range of products for different hair types.


S$19.90 – 250ml, Poland

I like conditioners, I can never get enough of them and I need them — every time I wash my hair. If I don’t use a conditioner, my hair seems so dry and heavy.

This conditioner is rich enough to moisturize my hair but light enough to be used every day. It doesn’t make my hair flat. Like the shampoo, the only thing I don’t quite like about this set is — the scent. I wish the scent can be lighter.

SHU UEMURA SKIN PURIFIER ANTI/OXI skin refining, anti-dullness cleansing oil*

S$55 – 150ml, Japan

This cleansing oil came in especially handy during the haze. I used it every single day and it keeps my skin supple and clean. Despite finishing the entire bottle, I can’t feel or tell the obvious differences between this and the others, except my favourite whitefficient clear brightening gentle cleansing oil which I clearly saw brightening effects.

Another one of my favourite cleansing oil from the brand is their Ultime8.


S$35 – 3 months, USA

Clarisonic, a device I never regret buying and it’s probably the only device I use regularly.

You would have recalled me mentioning Clarisonic many times on this blog but I have never reviewed it in detailed. Now that I also own the PLUS, I wish to compare MIA in an upcoming entry — hopefully some time next week.

I believe all Clarisonic device comes with a sensitive brush head and I have tried them both but I prefer the delicate one because it’s so gentle on the skin yet it “polishes” my skin’s texture to perfection — it’s nothing like exfoliating. I stopped using my Clarisonic for a few days, it feels as if I have a load of dead skin cells on the surface of my face — and the delicate brush head helped remove that uneasy feeling.

More about the device and the brush heads coming your way.


Time flies, it’s September already!! Fall is here and this is my favourite season (of course, we don’t get it in Singapore but the colours on the runway, makeup collections, oh my).

Thank you for looking.

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4 thoughts on “6 Empties This Month

  1. Hey Joey I get my Clarisonic brush heads from I always wait for their 20% then I buy a box of 4 at one go. More economical. I love my Clarisonic too, best beauty buy.

    • Thanks for the heads up =)
      I shall restock via next time!!
      Definitely worth every cent, this device is awesome — I love how clean it feels after using it and the PLUS comes with T-Timer which is so helpful xx

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