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It’s Dream Time

Dreamtime by LUSH has its name right. It belongs to the bath melts family.

Drop in a Dreamtime for a luxurious before-bed milky bath. It’s made up of cocoa butter which melts away slowly in the water, creating a creamy, moisturizing soak to condition your skin. We put scoops of lavender and chamomile in to calm your skin and your mind, sending you off for a lovely night’s rest.

LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

I am loving the bath melts. Not only does it smell real calm, it provides a thin layer of oil to moisturize my skin. Not too overwhelming for a humid country like Singapore. It doesn’t produce any bubbles, if you like bubble baths, this is definitely not the one.

It is simple to use. I didn’t even have to hold it under running water. All I did is drop it into my hot bath and watch it melt. Takes a couple of minutes for it to fully dissolve. That’s that. Remember to pick it up during your next LUSH visit.

Good night everyone, sleep tight. It’s dreamtime for me.

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