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My 5 All Time Favourites For October 2010

Haven’t been using or experimenting much with makeup this month due to the sun burnt I had. But I have fully recovered now, so I will continue where I left. I kept my makeup routine rather simple this month and focused mainly on my skincare regime to get my complexion back to normal. The 5 products featured here are mostly what I use on a daily basis to create a fresh, natural and radiant look.

The texture of Givenchy Le Prisme Blush is ultra fine and smooth. It blends perfectly well and this shade is super buildable. I am loving the shade in Blooming Fuchsias, it instantly brightens up my skin, making it look more radiant than ever. Did I mention that this blush smells awesome too? Having a blush that brightens my skin allows me to leave rest of the makeup natural and simple.

Some times, wearing mascara just doesn’t do the job. It doesn’t give enough power to the eyes and when that happens, I add some false eyelashes. I am re-loving MAC False Eyelashes. They are lightweight, easy to use and fits perfectly (some may need trimming). The average life span of these lashes is approximately 10 uses, depends on how I remove and store them.

I have been using Make Up Store Tri Brow Color for the longest time. Only that day, I realised how wonderful this product is. As I always change my hair colour, this kit provides 3 shades for me to mix and match from. Totally versatile and this is the only brow kit I have in my collection and it doesn’t seem to run out.

Next, I am liking one of the newest pore minimizing products available, Benefit The POREfessional. It’s soft in texture and sits into the skin well. I usually use it on top of a primer, before my foundation and I apply it only on areas around my nose where pores are more visible. I allow it to dry completely before applying my foundation. Above is a video by Enkore, doing a demo and full review of this product.

Last but not least, it’s Urban Decay NAKED Palette which I think every women should own. This is by far the most value-for-money, great quality and handy palette I ever bought. There are so many different ways of using this palette, sky is really the limit.

What are your favourites this month? 

10 thoughts on “My 5 All Time Favourites For October 2010

  1. Thanks for linking the Enkore video demo on the Porefessional.. When you’re using it on top of a primer, it still doesn’t fel heavy isit?? And, that’s it I’m officially heading down to Metro tomorrow to swatch that Le Prisme Blush!! Hehe… Been holding myself to go swatch it!! And, I so agree about the Naked Palette.. It is a must have no matter how cliche it sounds…

  2. Hi Babe,

    Do you know where are the Givenchy counters in Singapore?

    I am in love with the Blooming Fuchsias Blush but my friends back in Singapore were unable to find it in Sephora. ;(

    Hope you can help.


    • Hi Addie,

      I know there is a Givenchy makeup counter at Isetan Scotts and BHG Bugis.
      Sephora carries Givenchy makeup too but not too sure if they have Blooming Fuchsia Blush =(

      Hope I helped..

  3. You are lovely babe, but I think it most probably is sold out already.

    I will ask my friends to check for me.

    The blush is awesome, and you totally rock it!!!


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