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Summer Getaway: The Exclusive Beach

I thought this post would be perfect to bring some light on this gloomy and wet Saturday in Singapore. This is possibly the best beach I have ever visited. It was secluded and I had lots of fun building sand castles and swimming in the waves which nearly blew my bikinis off. 

The day started earlier than usual, we had our breakfast at about 9am, got changed and headed to Emerald Bay – the beach at about 10am.

Like the dress I am wearing above? The material is super comfortable, light and the cutting is ever-so-flattering. It’s from ClubCouture – big thank you to them for sending me a piece just before my vacation. More about them coming soon. Hat from Accessorize, shades by Dior and I am wearing Estée Lauder Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Pure Red. You can find more swatches of these amazing nail polishes in my previous post here >

A series of photographs taken while walking to the Reception after changing for the beach.

Super pretty sarong from Accessorize, a gift from my gorgeous friend.

And the secret to not getting burnt this time? I brought my newly purchased Clinique Sun Face Cream SPF 50 with me. It kept all of us safe and sound from the scorching sun – the entire morning. I also applied a thin layer of Clarins UV Plus HP Day Screen High Protection SPF 40 underneath – I would rather risk being sunscreen overdose than getting all burnt and dark this time because I have so many new foundations to try!!

 Posing with the clear blue sky and deep green water as a backdrop.

Although this is a private beach, it’s not exceptionally clean. Closer to the shore, you can find rubbish – such as wrappers, plastic spoon and bottles. Not exactly what I would expect but it’s not disgusting if you know what I mean. It’s just not rubbish-free. Maybe I expected it to be like beaches in Maldives? I guess I am asking too much, it’s Malaysia after all. The water is quite clear, I can see myself wiggling my toes.

Tall coconut trees gave us the shade we needed later in the morning.

The sun is always my best friend while taking pictures. Makes me look so radiant and flawless.

Nature speaks for itself on this beach. Shadows of the trees, the smell of fresh sea water and the art of these gorgeous patterns surrounding crab holes. Amazing.

Oh, did I mention that we caught a crab from its cave? That’s the first picture in the post. The string is not a leash, it’s what we used to hook its claw. We let it back to its home when we left the beach. It’s crazy to see a wild crab this close to me.

It was a beautiful day at the beach.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful weekend.

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