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Chanel Le Blanc Pearl Light Brightening Loose Powder In 10 Cristalline

Hello everyone, today, I have the Chanel Le Blanc Pearl Light Brightening Loose Powder SPF 10 PA+ in 10 Cristalline for you. A few readers have been requesting for a review. Am sorry I took so long, my thoughts are finally ready.

Le Blanc Pearl Light Brightening Loose Powder SPF 10 PA+ retails at S$80 for 10g of product, made in France whereby the Natural Finish Loose Powder retails at S$75 for 30g of product, also made in France. The significant difference in pricing vs quantity between the two is somewhat, major. And has sparked the curiosity in me, to find out why and how I can maximize its usage – other than setting my foundation.

In this post, I hope to share my thoughts about this product, how I use it and how it may work for you – I hope it will be helpful.

Before I start with my own definitions, I would like to share a little product description extracted from the brand’s website.

The fine pearl is the model of perfection and translucency that inspired the creation of the LE BLANC ritual.

The fine and airy texture of the Loose Powder ideally sets off the makeup and leaves the skin comfortable. Containing Pure White Mineral Ceramic Pigments, the Loose Powder gives the complexion a sheer pearl glow radiance.

Day after day, the Liquorice Extract regulates melanin production. The Pearl Extract corrects dull and yellow-toned skins, illuminates and is known for its hydration property.

The complexion looks as pure and translucent as a fine pearl. An SPF 10 / PA+ protects the skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

The Powder is available in a delicate pearly white shade that provides a soft velvety touch of light.


Presented in a similar form of packaging as the Natural Finish Loose Powder, the Le Blanc Pearl Light Brightening Loose Powder comes in white polished cap and is shorter in height. I love the silver Chanel debossed emblem. The white packaging looks clean and classy – very well in line with their Le Blanc skincare range.

The Le Blanc Pearl Light Brightening Loose Powder comes with the most luscious and lavish powder puff, it’s soft and velvety – feels extra gentle on the skin.

Infused with fine pearl and skin caring properties, this loose powder is ultra finely milled and smooth. Upon contact with skin, the powder almost literally melts into the skin – leaving a velvety veil of light. The powder is very lightly scented along the line of Le Blanc de Chanel Sheer Illuminating Base but less intense.

This loose powder sparkles under any form of light, be it natural or artificial. Under natural sunlight, you will be able to spot the beautiful multi-coloured shimmer dancing in the light. Under artificial lighting, the shimmer glistens in every angle.

I hope I managed to capture the glowing pearl properties in these sets of pictures. Swatches below are relatively heavy – the white powder blends into my skin tone effortlessly without leaving a white cast.

However, be sure you “massage” the product into the puff prior to applying onto the face – you wouldn’t want too much shimmer on one spot, neither do you want a white patch on your face. Besides using the ultra plush puff, you may opt to use a powder brush instead.

Personally, I prefer using a brush.

With the brush, tap off any excess before apply. Instead of swiping it onto the face, roll the brush from left to right – this will help set foundation without messing it up and this will also prevent any unsightly fall outs.

I have tried using this loose powder to set my foundation, all over the face. The overall effect is not as evident as you and I would imagine but rather like a very luminous foundation under day light – similar to Clé de Peau BEAUTÉ Refining Fluid Foundation. Both provides a glowy complexion.

It didn’t make me shine like a disco ball, neither did it make me look oily and greasy. It’s natural and doesn’t enhance lines or pores.

Chanel Le Blanc Pearl Light Brightening Loose Powder In 10 Cristalline - 8

I have done a quick comparison with other shimmery loose powders I have in my stash and they are;-

  1. Clé de Peau BEAUTÉ Translucent Loose Powder
  2. Giorgio Armani Micro-Fil™ Loose Powder in 0 Porcelain
  3. Givenchy Prisme Libre Loose Powder Quartet Air Sensation in 5 Soft White
  4. Chanel Le Blanc Pearl Light Brightening Loose Powder in 10 Cristalline

Note that I have swatched them very heavily on my arm to show colour. All pictures taken under natural day light without flash.

I find that loose powders like Giorgio Armani Micro-Fil™ Loose Powder, Givenchy Prisme Libre Loose Powder Quartet Air Sensation and Chanel Le Blanc Pearl Light Brightening Loose Powder, they subtly adjust foundation shades 0.5 to 1 tone lightly. If your foundation is slightly darker, you might want to use powders like such for correction.

Chanel Le Blanc Pearl Light Brightening Loose Powder In 10 Cristalline - 9 Chanel Le Blanc Pearl Light Brightening Loose Powder In 10 Cristalline - 10

For people with deeper skin tones, I reckon you need the smallest amount and use it sparingly. For those with light to medium skin tones, you can pull it off very easily.

Depending on the look I want to create and the sort of “event” I am attending, this Chanel Le Blanc Pearl Light Brightening Loose Powder comes in handy. I am aware that the shimmers may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it adds radiance and luminosity to the complexion.

Let me share with you the few ways I use it;-

  • All over the face to set my foundation – this powder doesn’t provide much coverage and I feel the oil control is almost nonexistent; best to be worn over a semi-matte foundation.
  • Use it as a finishing powder after setting foundation with loose powder that is – load product up with a big fluffy brush and lightly dust over entire face for that luminous glow, effects is similar to Diorskin NUDE Glow in 003 First Light but a little more define.
  • Use it as a highlighter – the effects as a highlighter is very subtle and natural; apply it to cheek bones, brow bones, chin and bridge of nose to capture light and glow.
  • Use it over a sunscreen during a beach vacation – because this loose powder is so lightweight and translucent, you will look as if your complexion has the most natural healthy glow.
  • Use it on the body after lotion – prepping for an important day? Wearing a low neck or tube dress? Lightly pat a small and even amount over body for that irresistible glow but make sure your body lotion is dry to avoid looking patchy. Great for arms and legs.
  • Apply it to center of the face only for immediate brightening results; the concept is similar to using a lighter foundation or darker foundation along perimeter of the face. This is one of my favourite ways to use shimmery loose powders.
  • Use it under the eyes to brighten up and give tired eyes a lift – now, this is subjective and this loose powder is not exactly the same as Benefit Powderflage. This method is good for those with sunken eye contours or eye bags. Watch this video to find out how.

With all that being said, personally, I don’t feel that this loose powder is a must have. But there are many ways to use it if you have already purchased it.

Thank you for looking.

4 thoughts on “Chanel Le Blanc Pearl Light Brightening Loose Powder In 10 Cristalline

  1. Hey Joey! I’ve got a makeup question to ask you before I invest on something 😉
    I’m actually after a pressed powder that I can use for setting my foundation and to touch up on the go. Currently the foundation I’m using is chanel le blanc spf30 one. Could you please recommend one for me? It doesn’t have to be a particular brand. Just one you love and will repurchase
    Thanks love!

  2. Hey Joey! I was wondering f you can recommend a pressed powder to set over foundation and to bring out to touch up?
    Is there one you particularly love and would repurchase?


    • Hi Dawnsia,
      Depending on the coverage and finish you need, I would recommend the following;-

      For sheer, natural finish >> Clarins White Plus | HP Whitening Powder Foundation (although it’s a powder foundation, the coverage is very lightweight and great for touch-ups)
      For light, radiant finish >> Diorskin NUDE Compact
      For light, luminous finish >> RMK Pressed Powder N (P)
      For light, matte finish >> Lancôme Teint Miracle Pressed Powder

      Personally, I find Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Pressed Powder an all-rounder.
      It’s lightweight, provides some coverage and doesn’t cake.

      Hope I helped =)

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