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6 Empties This Month

6 Empties This Month

Don’t ask me why there are two body scrubs in this month’s empties post — I kept opening new ones to try and I go through them pretty quickly. Mainly cleansers in this post, hope the products featured are of your interest.

MAKE UP STORE WHEAT BODY SCRUB twisted coconut & vanilla*

S$29 – 150ml, Thailand

A very gentle scrub suitable for use every other day I guess — because the beads in this one is not as dense and rough as others I have tried. In fact, the beads are quite scarce. I wouldn’t say I am a big fan of this, I prefer scrubs that are more rich and concentrated but I enjoy the lovely coconut and vanilla scent in this one.

This wheat body scrub doubles up as a body wash too as it lightly foams up and cleanses the body gently without leaving any residue.

If you are a fan of twisted scents and gentle body scrubs, for the price and quality, I think this number is worth a look.

KIEHL’S ORIGINAL MUSK BLEND N°1 bath and shower liquid body cleanser

S$43 – 250ml, USA

Love the smell of this body cleanser but not the consistency. The consistency is far too liquified for my liking — this bottle of 250ml lasted for merely 2.5 weeks (I shower twice a day).

It foams up lightly and cleanses the skin very well. Not dry feeling post shower but body moisturizer is needed for extra hydration. If only the consistency can be slightly thicker, I think this will be one of my favourite body wash.

SP BALANCE SCALP SHAMPOO for delicate scalps

S$TBA – 250ml, Germany

My hair stylist recommended this particular range of haircare (shampoo & mask) to me when I told him I have sensitive scalp which itches from time to time.

As compared to a year ago, my scalp is definitely less sensitive and itchy — many thanks to all the scalp caring products I have been using. I am more aware of the products I use on my hair now, nothing too rich and strong. This shampoo cleanses my hair very well without leaving my hair dry and frizzy.

It smells lovely too.

SP BALANCE SCALP MASK gently cares for scalp and hair

S$TBA – 400ml, France

This mask lasts forever, it’s such a big tub for my medium length hair. And it works wonders.

Because my hair is not very long, I experience problems when applying hair masks. Most masks are not meant to touch the scalp but I always accidentally apply too close to the roots of my hair. Better now because my hair is longer so it’s easier to manage.

This mask comes in very handy because it is gentle, not overly rich and can be used on both the scalp and hair. I highly recommend this for those with sensitive scalp. Through time, it reduces the sensitivity and itchiness of my scalp and helps nourish ends of my hair, making my hair very nicely conditioned.

CLARINS EXFOLIATING BODY SCRUB for smooth skin with bamboo powders

S$60 – 200ml, France

Second tube this year, read all about this scrub here and here.

SHU UEMURA SKIN PURIFIER POREFINIST gentle foaming cleansing water

S$62 – 150ml, Japan

I like to use foam cleansers in the morning just to freshen up my skin especially over the weekends if I am staying at home.

This Shu Uemura foaming cleansing water is lightweight, the foam is not as dense as the Ettusais Foaming Rich Mousse for sure — it’s even lighter than the brand’s UV base mousse and mousse foundation. Not sure if it’s good or bad but it does its job relatively well.

For first time users, the smell may be a little overwhelming but I got used to it after a while.

This cleanser contains a new upgraded pore cleanser system and micro refining complex which promises to effectively removes all impurities from excess sebum to dirt for a complete pore cleansing ritual. However, other than clean skin, I didn’t notice any changes in skin texture or visibly tightened pores.


Have you tried any of the mentioned products? What are your thoughts about them?

Thank you for reading.

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